Half way there

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The last half of my spring semester starts tomorrow and I can't explain how ready I am to be done.
This semester has challenged me mentally, emotionally and physically like I never imagined school would. 
The most difficult part was stepping into the role of editor for the Pulse. It's a full-time job even if the only full days I work are Sunday and Monday. It's a totally different feeling relying on the writers to make their deadlines. Because if they don't, we have no paper. 
And needless to say, that can get really stressful.
The other difficult part of this semester has been adjusting to being back at home. I lived on campus my freshman year and really embraced that Freedom. However since everyone in my family was still at home I felt like I was missing a lot. 
In short, dorm life was simply not for me and I realized I am a huge homebody.
But I lost a lot of the Freedom I had begun to accept and live by when I moved back home. Fortunately my awesome parents are very lenient with me.
The two most patient, loving, inspiring people I know: my parents.
The reason I'm so excited to finish this semester is because I'll be that much closer to being done with school. As of this very moment (technically the middle of the semester), I am half way done with my college career and will have three more semesters (can you tell I'm keeping track?) after this. And I'm not just excited to graduate because I'll be getting married.
I was always told I acted much older than I actually was and I think that plays into my motivation. I just want to take all my classes, graduate and get a big girl job so I can start my life.
And, of course, I cannot wait to marry my best friend (706 days. Again, can you tell I'm keeping track?).
So readers, pray that I make it through this semester with as little stress as possible. 
It's gonna be a tough one!

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