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Thursday, March 8, 2012

I've been enjoying some QT with Cameron and Trig the last few days.
For those of you who don't know we've been on spring break doing nothing spectacular. We have been working our behinds off to paint my grandma's house (she's been in the hospital since Christmas) so this is the first spare second I've had. Other than when I got Toft's ;)
Toft's cake batter ice cream (AKA God's gift to man)
Anyway, I figured I'd fill those in who don't keep up with me IRL (in real life) about our minimal wedding plans for today's blog.

Style: I wouldn't consider myself an elaborate or needy bride (Cameron may beg to differ). I want simple and elegant, which seems easy enough but I've been surprised so far. It's time consuming!
Colors: Blush is my goal. It's hard to find blush and not blindingly hot pink and Cam gets offended when I say pink (I think he feels a bit emasculated).
Planning: I am doing the planning myself with plenty of opinion from my mom and sisters (love you guys!). I love planning stuff so this is my cup of tea!
Attire: I know what I want everyone to wear but me. Figures. I am dreading dress shopping, to be honest. I need to lose 30-50 pounds to be even remotely excited and I'm not trying hard enough.
Venues: Church, check. Reception hall, half check. I found one I'm in love with but it's a newer place that doesn't have the wedding contract/menu ready yet. And I'm impatient.

So that's the update as of now. Not a lot, but it's a start. Have a great night!

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