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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I feel like the title pretty much sums it up but I have been swamped this week.
And unfortunately until the semester is over it looks like it's only going to get worse. The crazy thing is, the semester is over in about a month. Where did this year go?!
I spent this evening planning my schedule for next fall and spring semesters because I meet with my adviser tomorrow to schedule. Talk about stressful. For a number of reasons:
1. This fall they're only offering two of my required classes for my major and one is senior assessment--which I can't take until after junior assessment...which they're not offering next semester. Whatever.
2. Also this fall they're only offering two of my required classes for my minor AT THE SAME TIME! And obviously I can't be in two places at once.
3. I have three general education requirements left to fill but I can't decide what to take. I'm indecisive.
4. Next spring they're offering ONE of my major classes and ONE of my minor classes. I mean, obviously I wouldn't be a full time student then.

So needless to say I've been freaking out for the last hour having what seems like mini-heart attacks trying to figure out why I have so few options and if/how I'm going to be able to fit them all in by December of 2013 (my anticipated graduation date). Because: 
If I don't graduate in December of 2013 I'm not getting married in February of 2014. And if I'm not getting married in February of 2014, I will not be happy.

So glad that's off my chest, but enough of my ranting! 

A lot is happening this week with classes and whatnot but also with my lack of a life outside of school.
I finally caught up on Smash, my new favorite show.
If you don't watch it already, do yourself a favor and go to  NBC's Smash video archive and watch them
I took some more senior pictures today finally and they turned out beautifully! Of course I had a lovely subject (which always helps) but I have so much fun taking pictures. I'll be sure to share a few when they're edited and ready to go.
Cameron and my dad are out of town on business today through Thursday and I'll be in Indianapolis Thursday through Sunday. It sounds futile, but that's the longest we've ever been apart! Not that we can't handle it, but it's a strange feeling.
And to top it off, when I'm out of town this weekend our reception venue is having a wedding showcase, which I'm sure they'll be having more of but it's frustrating that I won't be there.
I hope you're all having a less stressful week than I am. 
Hopefully next week will be better and I'll be able to update a little more often!

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