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Monday, March 5, 2012

Like I explained yesterday, these first blogs will be kind of "get to know me" posts. After all, who wants to read a blog by a person they know nothing about? Not me.
When I read a new blog, I like to start from the very beginning (which takes forever). I read their About Me tab as well.
So today will be my first get to know me post!

Ten Things About Me

1. My faith is really important to me.
I got saved about two years ago and if you don't like reading about my relationship with God (and my growth as a Christian) I would advise not to read this blog anymore.
Not that my faith will be the only thing I blog about, but I guarentee it'll be a large part of it.

2. My dog is hilarious (and I take way too many pictures of him).

We got Trigger Jan 2010 and he is the sweetest dog with a huge personality. 
He's part lab, part beagle and is just about the perfect lap dog size.
Like I said, I take way too many pictures of him, so prepare to see many more adorable shots.

3. I love wedding planning!

Our engagement at midnight on New Year's (I was bawling)

A handful of my friends are engaged as well and a lot of them are really stressed out about it. I am loving every second of it. I am the queen of organization so it's definitely not difficult for me to keep track of everything.
We also are waiting two years to get married (so I can finish school). This is a huge blessing because I can book all the "big" things (i.e. photographer, reception hall, caterer) early and worry about the little things later.

4. My iPhone is my best friend.

As a student, I am glued to my email and even more so because I'm editor of the campus newspaper the Pulse (shameless self-promotion).
It also serves as my point-and-shoot camera, since my Canon Rebel is a little harder to whip out quickly and take pictures with.
Last but not least, it's the best in-class distracter. I have a number of fairly boring, d0n't-really-need-to-be-here classes, so I show up and get attendance points and mostly tend to my phone the whole time.

5. I really enjoy taking pictures.

I don't know that I'd call myself a photographer, but it's such a fun hobby and it captures memories you don't even realize you're going to want to remember.
Oh and my little sister, Olivia, is one of my two favorite models so you'll see her a lot, too.

6. My best friend died when I was 16.

My best friend Kelsey passed away from an autoimmune disorder called Addison's Disease. Since her passing I have struggled with depression and finding my way again without her.
She was a huge blessing in my life and I am glad to say her family and I are still very close.
Planning my wedding without her has been hard...but I know she's with me every step of the way in spirit.

7. I am a grammar freak.
As an editor, obviously I have to have some sense of grammar. But I am really bothered when someone either says or writes something wrong.
It's been a blessing and a burden my whole life, but I've come to embrace it though I drive my fiance crazy.
And just because I'm a grammar freak doesn't mean I don't make mistakes, too. 
I have all my writing edited at least twice.

8. My small town is just fine with me.
There are a number of people who always wanted to get out of here. They always said there was nothing to do here and wanted to be in a bigger city.
I see where they're coming from, but that's not at all me.
I see the benefits of a small town:
So I wouldn't mind staying here, or finding a town like this, for the rest of my life.

9. Lake Erie is my second home.

My grandparents live there, my parents were raised there, we have a second home there, I belong there.

10. I am kind of a pain.
I straight up like things my way. I drive my family, friends and fiance crazy, but at least I admit it!
I am a little OCD when it comes to cleaning as well as keeping things where they belong.
It's n0t something I'm proud of, but it's better than being unorganized.

So there's my first official blog post! I hope you all enjoyed it.

If you'd like know more, comment or email me and I'd be happy to answer any questions!

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