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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Tuesday, readers!
And it's seriously fantastic outside so how can you not be happy today? It's not often that it's in the 70s, i n Ohio, in March. So I'm embracing it to the fullest by spending some time outside reading.
And now time for Ten Things Tuesday:

1. Tomorrow is going to be awesome.
Why? My one and only Wednesday class was cancelled! Score! So my plans are catching up and getting ahead on school work, extra stuff (some website stuff for my dad) and reading!
Where do I picture myself on my day off? Here. But I can't exactly fly to the  Caribbean for a day.
2. I am going through some serious reading withdrawls.
I've already mentioned it three (now four) times reading. Unfortunately because of school I have like no time whatsoever to read. I am swamped with homework, the Pulse and just little stuff in between. All that + my stress level = no time for reading.
And when I get the free time, this is first on my list! I've gotten so many recommendations for it.
3. In the last week, I've found a calling.
Probably not my single, life-long calling, but a calling none the less. Kony2012 is a video/movement I came across and it really made an impact on me. If you haven't watched the videos, please take the time to do so. It really will change your life.
Seeing this warms my heart. I do have a voice and I do care. These kids deserve to live their daily lives without fear.
4. Archie's is open!
For those of you not from Hancock County, Archie's is the best soft serve seasonal ice cream shop in the world. I have so many friends that work there and ice cream is my weakness so it is basically a staple to my summer.

5. I got an instagram.
And I am pleasantly surprised. As an amateur photographer, I dismissed it at first thinking it was kind of a shortcut. But I actually really like it! I use my iPhone as my point and shoot camera so this app was a great decision and it's free!
One of my first instagram photos
A pretty one of my ring by candle light
My precious boy! Always a victim of my photo addiction
6. I am finally putting my schooling into action.
My dad has finally made a Facebook page for his business Impact Network Solutions, Inc.. Why does my schooling matter? He's letting me put together and design his Facebook. He doesn't see what the big deal is, but I know how imperative that type of marketing can be. So it's exciting to finally be putting my education to good use!

7. I really would like to move out. Now.
I love my parents and my family so very much and I really hated living in a dorm. But I would like some time on my own before I get married I think. Unfortunately, it's just not financially in the cards. 

8. I am obsessed with HGTV.
Along with moving out, this past summer I got really hooked on HGTV. And ever since I got engaged I haven't stopped imagining how adorable our apartment/condo is going to be not that Cam has much to say about it. Not to mention I've become thrifty lately and have also been into DIY stuff, thanks to my wedding.

9. I plan on blowing some money in Indianapolis in a week and a half.
I'm technically going to watch my littlest sister play volleyball, but come on, I'm gonna shop. I don't go to a bigger city very often (and when I do it's Toledo) so I am planning on taking full advantage of this.
Yay for pretty skylines!
10. Waiting on this internship may kill me.
So I applied for an internship in Columbus for the summer. Unfortunately interviews don't start until April and I won't find out until May. I'm so anxious and hopeful it's crazy.

Enjoy this lovely weather, everyone!

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