"Productive" day

Monday, April 23, 2012

I've done SO much today! Unfortunately none of it was the homework I have due tomorrow. I went to my only Monday class (which lasted 10 minutes) and then got my ring cleaned for the first time since Cam proposed and it looks amazing!
All clean and shiny :)
When I got home I told myself I would write this little two-page paper that's due tomorrow....but I didn't. I took some pictures, napped, looked for hair cut ideas on Pinterest.
This is what I decided on and it's being done TOMORROW!
Also, I cleaned up and organized my room. I finally got my collage hung so it was clean up day from all the work Cam and I had been doing (touching up paint, patching spots, etc.).
The final product! It's been hung before, but this is how I always pictured it. Ignore the fact that they're not straight.
Internship update: my phone interview went GREAT last week and I was asked to send design samples. They also said I would know my Thursday (as in the 26th) whether or not they wanted to meet me for an in-person interview. The next morning I sent them and not even an hour later they called and asked to meet me. So, so blessed! I am going down Wednesday (thankfully my class was cancelled). My mom bought me a new suit (thanks, Mom!) and I am hyped about this position and readier than I've ever been for an interview! 
Confidence is key, right? But really, I do feel good about this. I've been praying about this for a long time and I think this might be my big opportunity.
I also updated my Facebook albums with pictures from my photog class and some others I've taken just for fun in the past few months. I used to heavily edit my pictures, but this class made me realize that is really unnecessary so I'm going to try and cut it out as much as possible.
So here I am, procrastinating and daydreaming. Guess I should get to that paper now.
Keep me in your prayers Wednesday!

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