So many highs!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Always a good thing to have trouble picking only five. So many answered prayers and great things happening in my life I couldn't wait until the morning to post it! And it's technically Friday anyway, right? Here we go!
1. I got the internship!
I'm gonna go ahead and chalk this one up to prayer. I can't really say I've ever prayed and relied so much on God for something I really, really wanted. Sure I pray about things, but not usually for something in particular. I had tears rolling down my face as I drove home just thanking Him.

2. This semester is o-v-e-r
It's been a rough one. Between a full 18-hour course load, getting used to editing at The Pulse and my internship, I was really bogged down. I have three "exams" next week, which aren't exams at all. For example, for my media exam we're looking at each other's websites and for my photography class we're looking at each other's photo books. Challenging, right?

3. Time for some QT with my Kindle
This semester I had absolutely no time to read, which broke my heart. Usually I try to drag two or three books out over the 15 weeks but with my constant reading for my English class it did NOT happen this time around. Any suggestions (any genre) are greatly appreciated!

4. Finally ordered seat covers for the jeep!
The jeep, aka my baby, is getting seat covers within the next few weeks. It may not seem like a "high" for the week, but I have a yellow lab who sheds like it's nobody's business on my black interior so getting these covers is a big deal to me.
The day I got it, all shiny and new
5. Grandma got released!
For those who don't know, my 97-year-old grandmother broke her hip last November and her neck on Christmas Eve. She was in a halo on bed rest (she weighs 80 lbs. and the halo was an extra 20 so she couldn't move much at all) until early March when the halo was off. Today she got her temporary brace off and was officially released by her doctor! She'll be living with my aunt until my cousin and her family can move into my grandma's house to look after her permanently (she needs 24/7 care basically). And next week she'll be staying with us while my aunt is at my other cousin's graduation in South Carolina.

So there you have it, my amazing week! Thanks to everyone who prayed for me. Your hard work definitely paid off and I could not be more grateful.

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