A fresh start

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Moving day has passed and today is all about getting settled.
Things went really well and very smoothly, believe it or not. I was irritated at first because I had to wait for Cam to get home from fishing (he had had the trip planned for a while so I would've felt guilty asking him to cancel), but after hours of pure anxiety we were on the road.
Unloading was such a pain. Third floor, one parking space, a bed, countless bags of clothes and one skinny fire-escape-type-stairwell made for an interesting couple hours. Thank goodness one of my new roommates Kylie was there to help with the bed!
Cam was a really good sport, too. I am rather stubborn when it comes to how I want things done so I was frustrated a lot of the time we were moving things, not to mention it was late and we were both tired. I'm hoping to get some apartment pictures up later this week or next weekend when things are totally put together. It's nothing spectacular, but it serves its purpose and suites me just fine.
Late last night we went to Walmart to pick up groceries and a few miscellaneous things I needed for the apartment and I decided a number of things:
  1. I HATE Columbus traffic. We're definitely not in Findlay anymore. Not sure how long this will take to get used to but I hope it get used to it quickly.
  2. I strongly dislike parking here. I am very, very thankful my roommates loaned me the parking pass (only one per floor) for moving! I have to get a street pass early this week so I can find a spot by the house but I bet as soon as OSU is out for the summer things will calm down
  3. Grocery shopping sucks. I've never really minded it before, but when you have to stock a fridge, cabinets and get the most basic supplies (i.e. glasses, bowls, pans) it can add up rather quickly.
After or stressful moving day and grocery outing we just relaxed and passed out. It was nice to have a bit of downtime after such a ridiculously long day!
Today is preparation day for starting my internship. I am nervous, excited but most of all confident in myself. I have spent the last two years of school working my way up to an opportunity like this and now it's finally paying off. I have been blessed beyond measure to have this chance and you better believe I'm gonna seize it!
Have an awesome week everyone!

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  1. There are definitely good and bad things about moving from Findlay to a larger Ohio city. Let God show you some things and you may even begin to appreciate city parking!


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