Getting serious about getting in shape

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

There are days when I feel really good about myself and there are days when I don't.
Today is a don't.

Most days I'm comfortable with me; not always happy, but comfortable. My thought is: sure, I'm not perfectly healthy, but I'm not sitting on the couch gorging myself with junk food either. Why is it I am comfortable with me and others aren't?

A number of people have been making underhanded comments about my weight lately. They're probably not intended to hurt me, but they cut deep. It's not like they're telling me things I don't know. Yes, I've gained weight. Yes, I need to change my diet. Yes, I ought to workout more often. I KNOW.

That being said, I have a plan. Moving to Columbus is going to play a large part in that. I will be doing my own shopping and cooking.

The plan:
Breakfast- something small like fruit (apple, banana, etc.) and maybe even sucking it up and trying some plain old cereal (I have just about every kind that's not coated in sugar)
Lunch- sandwich or soup and a small side (fruit, veggie) to hold me over
Dinner- hearty but healthy
Snacks- fruit and low-cal options

Hopefully I can stick to that. Not eating junk food will be a lot easier if I just don't buy it, too!
On top of The Plan (calling it that because diets never work), I am going to be running a lot. My 5K is in a little over two months so it's time to hop to it.

A little advice to go along with all this: if there's someone in your life struggling with weight or something physical, give them space. Trust me, they know they have a problem. Let them take the time to make a change. Nothing feels worse than someone telling you something you already know.

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  1. I'm really fighting to get back into shape too! I found since I moved to a place where I don't know a lot of people, it really helped me focus in on the things I want to do (like running and lifting).

    However, I still fight falling back into old habits and dealing with apathy.


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