My Irrational Fear of Cooking

Monday, May 14, 2012

Okay so my goal of doing a few extra blogs and posting more frequently last week failed obviously. This week was relaxing and very much needed. I did a lot of reading and planning (my favorite!) for my big move which is SIX DAYS away. I'm organized and ready and I'd really like to just go now and put all my planning to work. I'm excited but as it gets closer I'm sure I'm going to start getting nervous.
The thing I'm currently most nervous about is cooking. I can cook but I don't do it often considering I still live at home. I took a step in the learning process yesterday and bought an app called RecipeBook. It was $1.99 and I LOVE it. It has some starter recipes, a time, a metric converter, measurement converter and much more. My favorite part about it is the organization. You categorize the dishes by your typical sections (chicken, vegetables, desserts, etc.) but you can also search by prep time, ingredients and anything else you could possibly imagine. Seriously how convenient is that?
This is what a recipe looks like with the menu on the side. You also have the option of adding a picture of the dish
So the past few days I've been diving into my moms recipe books (she has like...a million) and transferring them to my app. Don't get me wrong I'll keep the books I have but this is nice for some single-living cooking. I am going to do some packing, spend serious time with my furry baby boy and do so much better at blogging this week (at least that's my whole-hearted intention) and to keep you all updated on my move!
Keep praying for me as this is a big change for me. 

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