Tour of apartment 11

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The apartment is finally set up the way I want it for now! Before I jump into picture I feel as though I should explain how the house is set up. It's similar to a dorm in that it's separated into floors. Each floor has studio apartment so I have three floor mates. It's definitely unique. I have been anxious to share pictures so less talk, more uploading!
View from the door- part of kitchen, desk
Other side from the door- bed, futon and window
From the window- futon and closet
Lovely giant closet!
View of the door 
Behind counter
Bathroom (yes the shower is pink but it has awesome water pressure!)
Sink and storage area
So there you have it. It's nothing spectacular but it is perfect for me! And it's fairly close to work.
Now it's bed time for me and time to prep for my (short) week two of ten of my internship! More on my long weekend and my internship later this week.

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