Week one

Thursday, May 24, 2012

As of 5 p.m. tomorrow, my first week as Ohio Newspaper Association publications/public relations intern will be over. Hallelujah.
I absolutely LOVE working there. The people are amazing, the work is almost exactly what I do on a weekly basis at The Pulse (except a lot more of it).
Here's my little desk. Unfortunately it's Windows (sucks for design work) but it's cute!
Not to mention the work experience I'm getting awesome publicity. Everything I write, design or produce is disseminated to every newspaper in Ohio. Seriously, all of them. Meaning when it's time to get a big girl job, the people I apply to may already know me! How convenient would that be?
So needless to say, I'm working really hard.
 The thing that's killing me is everything outside of work.
First, I work 8:30-5 every weekday. I am not used to that yet so this week I've been exhausted. And after work all I want to do is come back to my apartment and relax. Well, that is difficult to do when you can't find a parking place. I got lucky tonight, but Tuesday I spent 45 minutes looking for a spot. And that was after my 30-minute commute.
The other part of the story is the illusive parking space. Each floor in our building gets one itty bitty spot to park. So myself and my three floor-mates have to share this spot. Unfortunately, one girl (whom I haven't even met yet) thinks she is the parking dictator and feels that because she works until 10 every other day that she should have the spot all the time. I'm not kidding she thinks it's hers. To make matters even worse, she is a child about it. I took the spot the other night and she threw a fit. She came home last night and slammed the hall door (which woke us all up), then knocked on the other two girls' doors to figure out why I was in HER spot. When neither of them opened up she proceeded to stomp up and down the hall, still slamming doors, and then send nasty texts to the girl across the hall from me, who I knew from high school and is her cousin. She is rude, rude, rude.
I am REALLY looking forward to getting away from the traffic, parking and general chaos of the city during my 4-day weekend!
Have a great holiday and remember who it's for! 

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