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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Such a fun link up!
I'm loving that I found an apartment for the summer! It's a great location because it's close to my office and I'm on the same floor as a girl I graduated with (thanks Jess for helping me out!) so at least I'll know someone near me.
I'm loving shopping and planning for said apartment. I love decorating and organizing so this is seriously so fun for me. It's a studio so it's nothing special, but I'm still enjoying it.
I'm definitely not going to be able to do this in my little apartment, but how awesome are these neutrals?

I'm loving my new iPad! My amazing fiance got it for my as a congratulation on the internship/going away present. I'm so looking forward to working with it and my life is going to be ten times easier since I won't have to haul my laptop with me.
I'm loving waking up in the morning (at no particular time) and having nothing to do. My mom usually leaves me a few miscellaneous things but nothing big. Such a nice feeling to be relaxed all day.
For the next week and a half I have to go through my stuff and the stuff we have in storage to figure out what I'm going to need. Such fun planning! Have a great week everyone.

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