It's OK Thursday link up

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Linking up with two of my favorite bloggers (Amber from Brunch with Amber and Neely from A Complete Waste of Makeup) for It's OK Thursday!
 It's OK....

-to really, really want to go home this weekend in fact...

-to want to go home every weekend

-to miss my puppy more than my fiance (because the dog can't talk to me on the phone now, can he?)

-to be scared

-to worry while waiting for news of a family member who has been hospitalized

-to ask to leave work early to be home with the family (give me strength, after lunch it's happening!)

-to laugh hysterically when the cute, old receptionist comes into my office and says "It's too quiet around  here. Let's pop open some brewskis, order a pizza and have a party!"

-to be so enthralled by a book you stay up late just to finish it and then drag all day at work

-to be confused by a computer program you haven't used since November

-to want to fix things with someone

-to not like when people don't like you

-to miss your old job a little bit (just because of the tan)

-to love a job and dread leaving it

-to love your job and wish you could pick it up and move it elsewhere

-to be too tired to do anything after work

-to want to spend money even though you should save

-to splurge on yourself every now and then :)

What's OK with you this week?


  1. Haha to the missing the dog more than your fiance one! I love puppies. Newest follower right here :)

    P.s. I have a giveaway goin gon you should come check it out!

  2. Hah love missing your dog more than your fiance! Maybe that's why hubs won't let us get a dog. You have a cute blog :)

  3. Cracking up at the brewski's comment! Gotta love it!


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