Summer bucket list

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I started my bucket list my freshman year of college and am proud to say that three things have already been crossed off (I'll elaborate on those eventually). As I get older I'm definitely going to be adding and subtracting more, but the 10 I have for now will do.
However, there a few specific things I'd like to do this summer:

1. Skydiving
I can not ever begin to explain why, but there is something appealing to me about jumping out of an airplane and free falling to the ground. Like I said, don't ask me why. Hopefully my wonderful cousin *cough*cough*Joe* is still up for it? :)

2. Relax on the beach
Oddly enough, I don't tire of this view
The past few summers have been busy and consequentially I have not spent nearly enough time relaxing let alone at the lake. At the end of my 10-week internship this summer I wanna take a mini-vacation or long weekend to a beach (more than likely the lake) and not make any plans. Just go with the flow for a few days, do some light reading and enjoying the sun, sand and time.

3. Finish a few more books
Believe it or not, working 8:30 to 5 everyday is tiring. Who woulda thought? I will never whine about my four hour shifts at the pool lifeguarding ever again! Even if I do have a desk job, I am exhausted come quitting time. I come home, shower, make food and am pretty much dead to the world by 9 or 10 p.m. This leaves little time for reading so I need to start buckling down.

4. Explore Columbus
Short North is an ecclectic, edgy, artsy area I'm very interested in seeing. Click the via link to see the gallery for an idea of what it's just there via
Like I said, I am exhausted most days after work. I go home just about every weekend because not seeing my baby (dog, not fiance) just about kills me (I talk to Cameron every night so I miss him less than the dog). That being said there are a few neighborhoods/areas of Columbus I want to venture to with my handy-dandy Canon before my time here is up.

5. Take some really kick ass pictures
Along with number four I wanna get out with my camera. It hasn't seen the light of day for a while now and I think it's starting to miss me. Not to mention I miss snapping away and feeling the anticipation of seeing the shots on my computer I just had a feeling would turn out magnificently.

There's a few to start with. Any suggestions for me to add to my summer bucket list?


  1. Relax on a beach. You know we have tons of those in SC right?!

    1. Cam and I are trying to plan something! We're thinking maybe we fly down for a long weekend at the beginning of August before things get crazy with school.


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