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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy hump day! It's definitely been a busy week (pardon my lack of blogging). Buuuut here I am telling you what I'm loving while I'm on my break!

1. My Home Sweet Home board on Pinterest
I am very anxious to get to put together a place of our own the way we want it. Here are a few of my recent favorite pins:

2. Lake day with the fam this weekend!
I think this goes without being said but after all my complaining about needing to be out by the water soaking up the vitamin D we are finally going and I am ecstatic! Can't wait to spend the day relaxing with my family.

3. Six weeks down, four to go!
This internship is flying by. I love my work, but I am anxious to be living back home. If only I could pick up my office and move it to Findlay!

4. Projects and portfolios
I am swamped with projects for these last four weeks. However, they're all so relevant to my work and my future in journalism that I know they're going to be great additions to my portfolio. Totally worth all the stress and time I'm putting into them.

5. My desk job
Lots of loving for my job this week I guess! But on 90+ degree days like this week has been full of, I am more than happy I am not lifeguarding. Sure I miss the tan and being outside, but this little office with it's lovely air conditioning is top of the line right now.

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