What a week

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Please don't remind me that it's only Wednesday. I knew this week was gonna be a long one, but it really has outdone itself.

Sunday: Always sucks because I have to leave my family and friends and come back to Columbus. Boo. To make it worse, it was pouring buckets when I got here and I had five or six trips to make up the stairs to my third floor apartment. I was impatient and totally drenched in less than a minute. On my way down to my car for my last trip up, I fell. Not like foot-sliding-out-from-under-you-fall-on-your-butt, I'm talking the tumbling-with-arms-and-legs-flailing kinda fall. Oh and the stairs are metal. Perfect.

Monday: Nothing super exciting other than dealing with the pain, cuts and bruises from the night before. Until about 4 when Cameron called me to tell me his dad and the pastor of our church had been in two separate four-wheeler accidents. They're okay other than some fractures, stitches and broken bones, but it makes it very hard to not worry. Ugh.

Tuesday: More pain, kinda goes without saying after falling down wet, metal stairs. It was also Cameron's birthday. Not just any birthday but his 21st, which is like the last big birthday before you start getting rude and cynical about birthdays (I never will. I love being spoiled, not even gonna lie). So I was upset that I missed it even though I don't think he cared at all. He's already cynical about birthdays but it still didn't make it any easier to not be with him and he'll never let me forget it.

Today: The pain is starting to subside finally. I have some gnarly bruises and large scabs, but I think I'll make it.

It's so hard to be grateful when the week is beating you (literally and figuratively). The good news is this weekend should be a fun one, so I'm definitely looking forward to making the trip home (except traffic).
I hope your week has been far superior thus far than mine!

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