When everything you know comes to a screeching halt

Thursday, June 7, 2012

We just found out my uncle, my dad's older brother, has spinal and liver cancer. The doctors think it's blood born, meaning it's spread via the bloodstream and could possibly be anywhere blood is (aka everywhere). He sees a specialist next week, but it's more than likely malignant, the bad kind.
My family, for the most part, has had to deal with very little tragedy. Now, everything is in a tailspin. I've never, not a single time in my whole 20 years, seen my dad cry. When my sister texted me to tell me what had happened she said my dad was bawling.
That is close to the hardest thing I've ever had to hear.
We've never been that close to my dad's family. All our cousins on that side are much older than we are so it was never fun with us to hang out with them.
Now I'm regretting that. Every second I dreaded sitting there was wasted time. My uncle, my godfather, my dad's brother was sitting across the room from me and I don't even know him that well.
Time is a funny thing. You take it for granted but when it's slipping away before your eyes, every second flying by, it's like gold.
Please, pray for my uncle and my family.


  1. Your family is in my prayers, Genna!

  2. Hi Genna, I know we don't keep in touch all that often, but it's things like this that push us to rethink our values and our family connections. I know we haven't been all that close, but there's always time to change it. I'd just like to say that if you ever want to come visit, our door is always open out here in Boston! I know that because of work and such I'm not even able to come back for Christmas gatherings anymore, but we should get together sometime the next time I'm back in town.

    And secondly, when we were kids, getting together for holidays or any other reason, the three of us (me and my sisters) were always exasperatedly asking when you guys were gonna get there. The party didn't start until you came. You might not have thought we were all that fun because we were older, but you definitely brought "the cool" with you to all the family gatherings. Seriously :)

    Hope all is well with you!

    1. It's good to hear from you! And I agree. When all this started happening I couldn't help but think how distant our family felt (at least to me). I would love to visit and spend some time together next time you're back! Visiting is more difficult as I don't have much time off from school and I'm sure you're busy as well.
      I do miss it when we were little! It seems like we got together a lot more often (probably because of sports and the like). But we felt the same way about you guys, of course :) Hanging out with our older cousins was always the coolest!
      Tell Daud I said hello and hope to see you both soon


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