Why I love what I do

Monday, June 11, 2012

When I tell people I'm in journalism they always ask me one of two things: am I going to be the next Barbara Walters/Katie Couric or some other famous female in the industry? or am I going to work for the New York Times?
No and no. First, I will not be in broadcast for now. Second, I am not a fan of living and/or working in big cities for now.
However I do hope I look as great at 55 as she does. Aging gracefully in the public eye isn't always easy.

Journalism is so hard to define for me. When I ask my peers at school why they do what they do, most say because they love to write. When I ask my colleagues at work they say because they love serving people. Generally to be great, it has to be a balance of both.
This is the distinction between studentship and professionalism and something people who aren't journalists often think about.
Think about how you get your news: newspaper, magazine, radio, online, TV, etc. Any way you spin it, it's from a journalist. Print, broadcast or digital, we all work our behinds off to bring you the stories you need.
Nothing is more versatile than journalism. Words shape the world in every aspect. Some journalists travel the world experiencing exotic places and tasting exquisite dishes to report back to those of us planning a trip (Tim Leffel is a great example, in case you were curious). Others follow around the same person everyday for days on end to write about one amazing person and the extraordinary things they're doing to help others. Then of course there's those of us who pound the pavement trying to get the public's opinion on things or follow up on a lede. From hard news to feature stories, we can be anything.
That is why I love what I do.
When I was young I was told I could do anything I set my mind to. Now, I've set me mind and I still have all these great opportunities sprawling out before me. How blessed am I?
Side note: don't ever look up female journalist on bing images. Yuck. Wish I had one of those mind-wipe things like in Men In Black right about now.

On another note, the blog world is one big family. It's an extension of my career as I see it. I have met and become friends with some amazing people through their blogs. And now thanks to Shane over at Whispering Sweet Nothings we can all be a little closer together.
Visit Shane's blog, fill out the simple form and make a few new friends along the way!

I have a busy week ahead of me with plenty going on at work but I have a few posts in the works! Stay tuned.

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