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Friday, June 15, 2012

It's that time again...
1. Going home!
I get a lot of crap for coming home every weekend. But ya know what? I'm a homebody, big time. And that's just fine with me. I miss my family, I miss my fiance and I miss my furry little boy like crazy all week. Not to mention my parents' house is incredibly spacious compared to my little studio apartment (see Tour of apartment 11)

2. Buying gifts for Lauren
One of my dearest and oldest friends Lauren is getting married at the end of July and her bridal shower is next weekend. Buying gifts for her was really melancholic for me considering it felt like just yesterday we were dressed up like Pocahontas together in preschool. She is one of the most kind, loving people I know and definitely deserves being showered with love and gifts!

3. Amazing weather
I could totally survive in Ohio my whole life without any complaining if the weather was like it has been all week. Mid-70s, sunny and just a little breeze. Really, how can you top that? Definitely plan on getting some sun this weekend.

4. The sock bun
Left- before I went to bed, what said bun looks like directly on top of your head. Right- result!
 With the sock bun, there's two options: a big, bountiful bun or overnight, heat less curls
I chose the curls since I didn't have a sock to match my hair color and they work even better than a curling iron on my hair! They stayed in all day and were nothing short of fabulous. Highly recommended.

5. My co-workers
They are seriously the best. Between our elderly receptionist saying "It's too quiet it here. Let's pop open a few brewskis, order a pizza and have a party!" yesterday, and a co-worker bringing in donuts, aka "the great equalizer" today, I could not be happier here. So laid back, fun and I'm doing what I love doing, which makes it seem a lot less like work! And I've been doing really well with what I eat and buy since I've moved out because I hate grocery shopping and will force myself to live off of PB&J for a week, so I figured I could treat myself today.
"The great equalizer"

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  1. I'll be coming home for Lauren's wedding! I'll see you there :)


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