15DC: Not one of my better days

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 10: most embarrassing moment

This seems to be the go-to question when you're really trying to figure someone out. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), I've never been able to pick out that one time when I was mortified. Don't get me wrong, there have been plenty, but not one that stands out.

I am an aspiring journalist and have always found it smarter easier to write my feelings (via blogging, journaling, texting, etc.) than saying them aloud. Not only does it give me a chance to double-check that my message is getting across correctly, but I have been known to, well, put my foot in my mouth a time or two. Writing down what I feel/think helps me keep my big mouth shut and think before I talk.

Anyway, I have had far too many embarrassing foot-in-mouth moments for my liking. And as I said I can't pick out my one mortifying moment, but I had one recently when I asked a woman about the man I thought was her son standing next to her. Yeah, not her son. It was her husband and she was really offended.


And just for the record, she was easily mid-60s and this guy could have been my brother (who is only 17). Creepy.

In other news, I have been battling insomnia the last few days. I've slept a whopping 10 hours the last three days. It makes working 8:30-5 everyday loads of fun. I've tried everything and am not getting anywhere. I don't nap during the day even though I totally would if I had time, I don't play on my phone all night, I don't drink caffeine so I have no idea what the root of my problem is. Any ideas/suggestions? Clearly I'm desperate...

I hope everyone has a better, more awake/lively day than I am sure to have!


  1. I'm sure that if that really was her husband, they've got to have been asked that question a few times! Totally not your fault. :)

  2. ouch, i would have said the same thing to her, so no worries!
    BOOOOO to insomnia, that completely blows! Hopefully you'll get some well needed rest soon!

  3. Kinda late, but there's a technique that I've used that might work. You lie in bed and tense up as many muscles as you can, from head to toe. Then starting with the toes, slowly relax each. As cliche as that sounds, I've found it works.

    When you have a lot on your mind, or are under a great deal of stress, and your mind is racing a mile a minute it helps to think of something that is completely different, like the plot of a favorite television episode, or turn the radio on to your favorite station. I've also recorded old football games and races and play them on a low volume while falling asleep. This is just some ideas that might help but in my experience, everyone reacts differently.

    It may help.


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