Day 5 and THANK YOU!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

One third of the way through the 15 Day Challenge! Honestly though I'm going to be sad when it's over. I've met a lot of people and had a lot more traffic to my blog because of it. Not to mention, Sarah is an awesome host!

Day 5: Any five people to have dinner with

Mark Twain: not only was he an amazing writer, but he was way ahead of his time and hilariously entertaining

Winston Churchill: another brilliant mind and amazing writer. And he handled politics in a way no one in this day in age could

Byron Pitts: I had the opportunity to interview him once, but it was a very quick interview with little time to chat. I could spend hours talking to him about anything and everything under the sun

Barbara Walters: a beacon of light for females everywhere and an awesome journalist. Definitely someone I will always look up to

Tim Tebow: I just love him. So much. I didn't follow him much in college, being the Buckeye that I am. But the second he became a Bronco I knew we were destined for an awesome fan-athlete relationship. I read his book and he is just a fantastic individual. Between his service, Christian ideals and general set of morals and ethics, he's an all-around awesome guy

Head over to Sarah's blog to link up and meet some amazing new blog friends!

I hope everyone stays cool and dry today. Enjoy the rest of the mini-week!

P.S. I'm 50 views away from 2,000. I am so, so thankful for every person that stops by, reads, glances, whatever. My blog was never intended to be about the numbers, and it still isn't, but I love that I feel successful and happy knowing I have followers and readers who love me! Thanks to each and every one of you.


  1. I don't know who Byron Pitts is, but Barbara Walters would have some awesome stories!

    So glad you're getting some new traffic at your blog! Hope you gain some new followers, too!

    1. He's a CBS correspondent! And it's all thanks to you!

  2. Great list! That would be an awesome dinner!

    1. Thanks I thought so! I can dream, right? :)

  3. I love your list! I definitely wouldn't turn down Tim Tebow for dinner either. I think he's just what the sports arena needs. Someone who is a real person!

  4. Love your list. Mark Twain would most definitely be entertaining.


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