Giving it a try

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm going to try doing some ads as well as offering up my own for others! I have a link at the bottom of the page to my Passion Fruit page. I'm not even sure if I'm doing this right but I'm new so give me a break :)
Also, if you'd like to swap, choose the Swap option and use promo code FREED.


  1. wholly crow you got a new site layout! I LOVE IT! Who did it?!?! :)

    1. Is it not the coolest thing ever?! Andrea at did it! If you go to her page, then scroll down to "Elsewhere" on the right side it says design and you can email her :)

    2. Oh and she's soooo well priced. Most custom designs are like $200+. No, her's is less than $40 for everything! Custom design, button, etc. She's the best.


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