The next six months

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Holy busy morning! I spent the first two hours of my day wandering around downtown Columbus/the statehouse. No matter how many times I'm down there, I will still get lost. That building is a maze designed to make me late for things, I'm sure of it.
During my traipsing about the city, I got a little iPhone camera happy. So here's a little Instagram photo dump.
Self explanatory- SC of Ohio

"The envy of all newspaper signs in the state." But really, how cool is that?

Being a tourist. I got my love for these pennies from my mother.

Side of the statehouse
I have an awesome job. And as much as I hate to admit it, I'm starting to enjoy politics and watching how things work. It's fascinating. I don't care what party you associate yourself with, it is cool to watch how things work.

[Day 12]: What are you most looking forward to in the next six months? 
So, so many things. 
Moving home, starting a legit workout regiment (running in Columbus has been something of a fail-I'll expand on that later), engagement pictures!!!!!, starting school, getting back to editing the school paper, going camping with Cam and the in-laws, my birthday (the big 2-1!), Christmas, doing some freelance stuff to benefit myself in the future, etc. 
I could seriously go on all day. 
If there's one thing I'd pick to top all those it'd be the engagement pictures. We're getting married in the winter months, so we figured taking our engagement pictures in the winter would be appropriate. Can't. Even. Wait. Okay I can, because I have some serious work to do before then. Not just with my weight but my skin has been hellish recently and I have to stop biting my nails! Fake ones are too expensive and it's a nasty habit. Buckling down!

As of tomorrow, I have 10 days left of my internship. Holy cow summer went fast! If you could, pray for me to get all the stuff on my plate finished in that time span!
Have a good one!


  1. I love those pennies too! I get one pretty much every time I see one of those machines.

    1. Me too! They're really cool souvenirs.


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