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Friday, August 31, 2012

First, a hearty hello to all my new followers and blog friends :) Please introduce yourself and feel free to  join me on my plethora of social networks! I love making new blog friends so say hi.
Today I'm linking up for the first time with one of my best blog friends, Amy, for her very first Frankly Friday! And how cute is that button? One of these Friday's I'm going to make myself a mustache like that and do my whole Frankly Friday in a vlog with a mustache.
Here's a little bit about FF via Amy's blog:
frankly |ˈfra ng klē|adverbin an open, honest, and direct manner
. . .
I want this to be a way for all of us to be open, raw, and transparent with not only each other...but with ourselves. I think we put a lot of stock into the "fear" of what others may think of us...into the "fear" of really putting what's on your heart out there in case someone decides to tear you down.
I'm over the fear & you should be too.
So let's write...whether it's about a situation you're struggling through, a victory you've made, a memory that you can't let go of...anything as long as it's honest.

To be Frank, I want it to be my birthday. Not because I'll be the big 2-1I'm not a party girl at all, but because birthdays are fun. And right now, I'm pretty desperate for fun.
Look at it this way: I have class everyday and work right after class. On the weekends I can't even stay out late with my friends because I have to put together the paper early Saturday/Sunday. Rude.
Plus my birthday signals the end of the semester. Unfortunately it's also usually during finals week, but I survive. After only two weeks of class I'm dying. Last week I was treading gracefully above the water. This week I'm floundering. There is no reason I should be this stressed or this far behind the second flipping week of the school year. Weeks 6-12 re my bad weeks. They're in the middle and there usually when I start to zone. I've never felt it this early!
I've dealt with a lot of anxiety and depression the last 4+ years and every school year I feel as though it creeps back into my life because things get so crazy and I have no escape. Cameron says I need hobbies, but who has time for hobbies when you're taking a full class load, running a campus newspaper, starting a campus TV station and trying to keep your sanity?!
Frankly, I'm pretty over this mental black hole I keep spinning into. I need to trust in my Father to give me only as much as I can handle, even I feel overwhelmed at times. I know He is putting these things on my plate for a reason!
This is what I feel like I need. to play with a bunch of balloons in a field somewhere. Juvenile? Maybe. Pure, unadulterated fun? Definitely. Spot on. via

*Sorry I got so deep with this, but it's something I've been dealing with a lot lately. And I know you all understand!


  1. Stopping by for Frankly Friday... even though it is now Saturday. :)

    And wow! You just took me back about 12 years to my college days. I don't miss them!

    Life is crazy for me right now as well. I run two women's ministries and one starts up for the year next week. My daughter just started Kindergarten and that means my son lost his buddy. He needs me more but I just bought a house and need to get it ready to move into in two weeks. Plus a gazillion other little things. I feel like my plate probably looks like one that has gone to a massive buffet and was just loaded up!

    Needless to say I am stressed and tired. People keep telling me that God will never give me more than I can handle but that's not in the Bible anywhere. And in truth... if we never had more than we could handle would we learn to truly lean on HIM for our strength and sometimes even our very breath!? :)

    1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

    I've dealt with anxiety and depression as well and it's never fun. But I looked around your blog and read about the title Freed at Last (cute!) and I think it is fitting in so many ways because God wants you freed at last as well... from anxiety and depression.

    Gonna follow your blog. :)

    1. That verse is so full Laura! I love it. Such great guidance an thank you so much for sharing it with me!

  2. new follower here :):) please come check out my blog some time :D

    1. Thank you, Kasey! I will be sure to :)

  3. Hi! I'm Gia from New Zealand. I followed you recently. Hope to get to know you more!

    1. Hi Gia! It's so awesome that I get to "meet" people across the world via blogging! I'll definitely check our blog out :)

  4. I am a new follower! I could use some balloons right now too! I love the verse in the first comment! It has gotten me through lots of days!

    1. I think we all could use some balloons from time to time and yes that verse is so full I just read it over an over to remind myself of all the love. Thank you so much for following. I'll be sure to check yours out as well!

  5. Ah, i loved this frankly friday post!
    You know why? Because you were honest and real!
    Now onto the serious stuff. UGH i hate when i get sucked into that "zoned out" feeling especially so early in the semester, i remember it well.
    I think Cameron is right. Pick up a hobby (i know, how can you, there is no time?!) Girl it can be as simple as plugging in your ipod for 20 minutes and taking a walk and getting some fresh air. That's what i used to do. At night, when the campus was quiet (and still safe ha) i would walk around our reflection pond and either pray, talk some things out to myself (sure i looked weird), or just be silent.
    Take some time for YOU otherwise you WILL get burnt out.

    1. So glad you liked it! I love this link up:) and I may have to get into that walking thing because that peace and music time seems like exactly what I need at the moment. And I plan on elaborating on the hobby thing, cuz I totally agree.


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