High five!

Friday, August 3, 2012


It's been a good first week of summer for me! Yes, this was technically my first week since my internship took up my entire actual summer. So, here are my high five!

1. Today is my lovely mommy's birthday! I'm excited to go out to eat with the fam tonight to celebrate.
Old picture, but that's my momma!
2. Spending time with my boys after missing them for 10 weeks. Excuse my ridiculous smile and messy hair.

3. Some serious pool time...except I got seriously fried.
Exhibit A: pool time
Exhibit B: my ridiculous burn/tan line. Ouch.
4. Family time at the lake this weekend. I'm not sure if this counts since it hasn't happened yet, but it's made my week better just because I'm looking forward to it. My brother's, mom's and dad's birthday are all within a week of one another so we'll be celebrating.

5. I've finally finished unpacking from my move home a week after I moved. Needless to say I'm relieved. I am not a happy camper when things are unorganized so this was a huge feat for me. 
First round of stuff to unpack...so many clothes!

Round two: more clothes and a bunch of random stuff. Ugh
I hope everyone had as great of a week as I did :) Have an awesome weekend! 

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  1. Yuck on sunburn! I got an awesome racerback tanline this past weekend without even realizing it until my husband started cackling like a mad cow the other night.

    Talk about sexy, right? haha.


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