Second Vlog! And my problems/life in pictures

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Don't laugh, there are many.
First things first, TGBTB link-up!


 WARNING: no make-up or hair products were used in the making of this vlog! Consider yourself warned. My excuse: last night was a long night of homework and class. There.
Moving on to my problems and there are plenty.
Currently my problem is work + school. It's a hellish combination and it's slowly killing me I think. All the other guards left for school so I am stuck working everyday after class. Lucky for me work ends next Monday so hopefully that'll help me keep my head above water.
Things with the newspaper have been going extremely well, though. If you're curious, you can check out The Pulse online. If you're new here, I layout and design the paper, take photos sometimes and write a weekly editor's column. Needless to say it's a large burden on my shoulders during the semester, but it's a great experience.
On top of that, we are restarting the campus TV station. Guess who is involved? This girl. Sometimes I wonder why I do all this to myself, but I remember that now extracurriculars are expected of you in college. It's more than an education.
And it's hard. It's hard to balance school and extracurriculars. I mean I've taken 18, 18, 18, 18 and 17 hours of classes in my five semesters of school thus far. That's a lot of school work! Now add to that writing for/editing/designing The Pulse and I'm already swamped.
Not to mention school is expensive. But do I have time to work during the semester? It's a tough situation. I just keep trying to remind myself that getting a good job post-graduation will be worth it I hope.
If my ranting about my ridiculous amount of school work isn't enough for you, here are some Instagrams of me doing said homework:
Homework at the pool (I lifeguard). Thankfully, there aren't very many people at the pool this time of the year so I have some free time.

My little homework buddy, Max. MIL babysits him.
And while I was hanging out over at my fiance's, of course I spent time with this little cutie.
He looks like an angel in this picture. Love it.

Other than homework I've finished up a big project!
Alas, the t-shirt quilt is done! I hadn't ironed it when I took this picture, so don't judge.
The quilt is for the owner of a local ice-cream shop who is retiring so the employees gave me a bunch of their shirts to put into a quilt. I am in love with all these colors! Definitely the favorite quilt I've ever made.
Any big projects you guys are working on? Have a great week!


  1. Oh, so glad you linked up! I totally agree- even through the sometimes bad, the blogging community is overall a positive place and I am so thankful for the community. I would love to hear more about your faith.. I know its very personal to you, so whenever you are ready we are listening :-)

    1. Love the support! From you and others :) So thankful for you and your blog being an inspiration for me!

  2. Haha "no makeup or hair products were used in the making of this video". Too funny! That just means that we get to see the real you. I see blogging as self- expression too. Good job girl!

    1. I was debating making myself not-so-zombie-like but I was like, ya know what? I just got a shower and I am tired so I'm just gonna do it. Glad someone appreciate myself au natural :)

  3. Oh, I do not miss the working college student life. I had a lot of fun when I was in college, but I don't miss the long nights of studying, working crazy hours around my class schedule, or the price of text books. I always have so much respect for college students who are doing all of that! Way to go!

    And I love the colors on that quilt! It looks fantastic!

    1. Thank you! The quilt is my favorite of the three I've ever made by far simply because of the colors!

  4. Love the video! :) And girl you looked beautiful without makeup! :) I understand things just go CRAZY and sometimes the only time you can fit in a vlog is when it's late and it just is what it is! :)
    Great vlog and post!

  5. visiting from eloping stethoscope! i'm a new follower too. i'm totally right there with ya on school and work. i'm doing the combo myself right now (both full time) and i'm exhausted. i feel ya!

    1. Thanks for joining me! Love making new blog friends :) Props to you for working full time as well. That's a lot to balance.

  6. just found your blog through the girl behind the blog link up! :) now following via GFC! i agree, blogging is a wonderful way to express ourselves and post reflections on things. i adore that quilt!


    1. You're so sweet! Thanks for following and I'll definitely be checking your blog out as well:)


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