Thoughts on Thursday

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday. Finally.

1. I am in love with my psych class...and I've only attended the first class, which is obviously going over the syllabus. I'm going to love it, I know it.
I'd say this explains why :)
2. I am almost done with the t-shirt quilt I've been working on for what seems like ages. I'll most certainly be uploading pictures when it's done! It's super colorful and I love it already.

3. I got my first item with my new last name on it! Cam has owed me a bible since my high school graduation (slacker). And since I've been feverishly taking notes in my bible over the new marriage series (Fruits and Roots) our church is doing, my "pocket edition" (aka the tiniest bible ever that has no marginal space for notes) wasn't cutting it so I bugged Cameron until he gave in. And I decided, what the heck, why worry about putting another last name on it in less than a year and a half? Seeing a new name behind your first name is a weird feeling, but I like it :)
Breaking it in already tonight! Our church's online sermons are amazingly convenient since I work in the evenings.

4. Big wedding decisions this week. Mostly pertaining to my bridal party. I wanna nail that down so we can start making wardrobe decision. It's hard though, so pray for me if you would please!

5. Obsessed with this song lately. Willow looks exactly like a baby version of her father (probably because of the buzz cut). And I think she might be wearing one of his shirts. In any case, she's cute and I love this song.


  1. Ahh i love Willow, she's so fun and stays true to herself.
    She DOES look like her dad, i love it! :)
    Great song, thanks for sharing Genna, seriously!
    I'll be praying for you, i can only imagine how hard/frustrating it would be to make decisions on a bridal party!
    and i LOVED my psych classes, that's why i minored in psychology!

  2. So cool that you made a tshirt quilt! I've been wanting to make one but... you know... don't know how to quilt at all. Ha. But I can't wait to see!

  3. I can't wait to see your t-shirt quilt! I've always wanted to make one, but I can't sew.

    1. I put pictures of it in my post yesterday! Definitely check it out. Probably my favorite I've ever done.

  4. stopping by from Paige's blog where you wrote the guest post. great post and I agree with all of those points!! Thanks for sharing them! I hope school continues to go well for you and that you continue to enjoy it.

    1. Thanks for stopping by AND following! I'm so glad you enjoyed it :)


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