Frankly Friday v2: Finding a hobby of my own

Friday, September 7, 2012

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*Warning: this post contains a picture of a dead animal. If you are a bit squeamish I suggest you do not continue reading.
A few days ago I mentioned here that Cameron think I need hobbies.
I'd say I'm a pretty busy person between school and all my extracurriculars, but it's when I'm not doing anything that's the problem.
You see, I'm a very expectant person. I expect people to treat me a certain way. I expect my sister to keep our bathroom clean (I'm OCD when it comes to the bathroom). And I expect Cameron to want to spend as much time with me as possible.
I'm trying to be unbiased here, but I hate his hobbies. They're all incredibly time-consuming and expensive. Take fishing for example. He would leave around 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning and not get home until that evening and of course be dog tired and not want to do anything. Not to mention the gas money to get to the lake and bait, equipment, etc. Crazy.
Hunting is the same way. Money for ammunition, guns, bows, gear, etc. and hours sitting in a tree stand hoping something walks beneath you.
I can't do either. I get so bored and open water makes me nervous. With hunting I'm again super bored because maybe 1/10 times you go out do you get lucky enough to get something within range and I freeze literally all. the. time. I'm always cold so sitting in below-30 weather is not fun to me.
This one time I shot a deer with my crossbow. I also refused to touch it. Ew. The things I do for him...
He also likes golf and disc golf. Both expensive to buy equipment, and every time you play golf it's like $25 (!) which I think is outrageous.
As you can tell, he has a lot of hobbies. I, on the other hand, could lay around the house (or the lake, or the pool, or the back deck) and read all. day. long. and not be upset about it. He doesn't consider reading a hobby but what does he know?
When asked if I had any other hobbies I was quick to respond with shopping. Obviously my hobbies are expensive, too (I could go through two or three $10-15 books a week if I had time). But seriously, I'd rather be spending time with him.
As I write this I can only imagine how psycho I sound. I promise you I'm not a super clingy girlfriend I just sound like one. I pray about this all the time because if the want/need to spend time with him would go away I would have no qualms about him going fishing/hunting/golf/disc golfing with his friends.
Unfortunately I've had no such luck with that prayer, and maybe it's telling me something. Maybe it's something I have to deal with in another finding a hobby? We shall see.


  1. Guys hobbies are expensive! :(
    Do you like art, painting? etc... maybe y'all could do a bottles and brushes class, or go to a pottery class? That way you're BOTH out of your comfort zone and spending interesting time together.
    I think it's all about priorities and making time for what is important.
    Sometimes we need just need some "me time" and other times we have a full on NEED to spend it with other people.
    I say that y'all make a list of things you enjoy/love to do and see if y'all can compromise and do some of them together. THat way you're still enjoying your hobby, but also each other.

    1. It's so funny cuz I told Cam we need to compromise and he goes "OK! I have a great idea." Know what he did? Took me SHOPPING (my hobby) at BASS PRO SHOP (his hobby). I died laughing. Brownie points for effort, right? ;)

  2. I totally understand what you mean about wanting to spend your extra time with him! When Pat is here, I totally feel like I lead a full and satisfying life. But while he was gone, I had sooo much time for other things I love like reading and running and crafting. My life all of a sudden had all these new fun things!

    But now that he's back, I'm also suddenly super busy. I work 30 hours a week and take three classes. When I get home, we usually only have a few hours together and then he goes to work or we go to bed. So I prioritize spending time with him over most other things (except maybe working out and eating :). But I'm not even working out as much as I did this summer.

    As for disc golf, that's one of Pat's hobbies too. I started joining in by "caddying," aka walking around with his disc golf bag. It was when I'd just started to try to lose weight, so the extra activity was great, and the weather was gorgeous. I bought some discs of my own (if you can find them used, you can get away with getting only two discs, a driver and a short range, for like $15). Sometimes I play. Sometimes I still just caddy. Because I suck at playing :)

    1. I am terrrrrible. Like it's sad. I have no idea how to control the disks and I never make it even half way! Haha, I'm pathetic.

  3. Guy hobbies are always expensive. But I guess mine are too. :) And reading IS a hobby hahaha!

    I guess with hobbies you all just have to find the balance. I'm still working on that. :)

    1. I agree, balance is key! Hopefully we find sme way to make one another happy when it comes to hobbies.

  4. My husband is a fisher & hunter, so I completely feel you on the expensiveness of it. [Seriously, the husband just bought a new gun and I about flipped when I saw the credit card statement!] I actually don't mind either of those things, and participate as much as I can but mostly to spend time with him. But we don't see him much when hunting season comes around and it makes it really frustrating when I try to plan things to do and he huffs & puffs because I'm interfering with 'something he loves.' But trying to get him to go out to see a movie or eat after hunting/fishing is a chore unto itself. And it usually ends up with us not doing whatever it is I wanted. What is it they, Win very few, Lose a lot? Oh wait, that's not right is it...
    He also doesn't think reading is a hobby. Sigh. They just don't understand.
    You don't sound super clingy to me - just sounds like you want to be able to branch out and enjoy something together. And that's great about Bass Pro Shop & taking you shopping - 2 birds one stone right there! Haha. My husband has totally done the same thing [except it was Cabelas!]

  5. Oh my gosh my fiancé is a gun hoarder! He has more guns than years lived in his safe! So frustrating (and crazy expensive!). And yes, I know EXACTLY what you mean about it being a chore because Cam is the same way! So glad you know how I feel! Always happy to not be the only one :)


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