Thoughts on Thursday v4

Thursday, September 6, 2012

As usual, linking up with the lovely Sarah for TT! It's been a long week already so here we go...

1. I dislike four-day weeks. It's just squishing five days of work into four for me.

2.  Lately I've been really annoyed with shaving my legs. Why? I'm not sure. Nothing provoked it but I just hate that I do it on Monday and it has to be done and Wednesday, then Friday, sometimes Saturday, etc. I just don't like it. If it were socially acceptable I would totally boycott.

3. The Romney campaign is rude. Earlier this week in this post I told you I was going to be able to get to interview Mrs. Romney when she was on our campus for the campus newspaper. Well, not only did I not get to interview her, they denied our entire team of campus newspaper staff press passes! They said we weren't a recognized media outlet. Um, rude! We have won a number of awards both in the state and regionally for best news coverage! Hate. They did eventually concede and gave us a few passes, but no interview.

4. Have you guys watched this video? If not, watch it now. It will brighten the crappiest of days, promise.
The facial expressions of these people, there reactions and sometimes what they type are priceless. You can't script these things.

5. Jason Mraz and Christina Perri are in Ohio tonight. Why am I not going? Dumb on my part.

6. I love each and every one of my new followers! I'm trying to get around to checking all your blogs and commenting back but with school and the paper being crazy this week it's taking a little longer than usual!

7.  All my blog friends have been raving about their Scentsy stuff lately. I've been considering checking it out mainly because they have pumpkin spice stuff but I'm not sure it's worth it. Thoughts?

8.  Our church is doing this weekly Wednesday night series on marriage called Fruits & Roots. I LOVE it you guys! I feel like I'm learning so much and really figuring out how to base my marriage on faith. However, Cam isn't nearly as into it as I am, which is disappointing. I know he has to come to these realizations on his own time, so I'm trying to be patient.

9. I mentioned Ann Romney's speech yesterday, but I wanted to give you my take as an undecided voter: it was terrible. She didn't address any issues, didn't say anything of importance or substance. All she said over and over and over again was "My husband and I support women! We will hear your voices and support you!" She didn't even tell us what they would do or how. I think Mrs. Romney and Mrs. Obama are being used as shields for their husbands at this point in the election. Both talking about how great their personalities are at their respective conventions and now on tour. Interesting.

10. I'm not usually a political person, so if you're new here and you are upset that I'm talking about them, it's not a usual occurrence.

11. I'm really excited for the Apple conference. I love watching all those (even other than Apple) but I'm not happy they spilled the beans about the iPhone 5. I'm thrilled it's coming out, but it takes away all the mystery!

I feel like I rambled on enough. Have a lovely Thursday :)


  1. i hate shaving my legs too...ugh if it was socially acceptable i would do away with it as well haha...but i do love a smooth leg, weird right?
    I have given up on watching the political campaigns.
    I saw a tweet from Craig Gross and i was like RIGHT ON said
    "We have 16 trillion in debt why should either side throw a party, there is little to celebrate and why isn't that issue #1"
    ....definitely food for
    Yay for new followers and hopefully you'll get some sleep, seriously please, get some sleep. :)

    1. I totally agree with that tweet. Neither side should celebrate anything until something significant gets accomplished. And I plan on going to bed early tonight. Thanks for checking up on me :)

  2. I feel similarly about four day work weeks. It's great, but not that great when you still have to fit in a ton of work! Wah wah.

    Also, in theory, you don't have to shave your legs. Break those social norms, girlfriend! ;)

    Happy Thursday Genna!

    1. So glad I'm not the only one! Most people worship four day weeks. And maybe I will do that ;) you too, Sarah!

  3. Four day week is throwing me off too. I feel crazy!

    Super disappointing about the Romney campaign (although that doesnt surprise me. just guess how I feel about things hahaha).

    Yay for liking the group at church! Just be praying for your hubby to be, that he would come around soon. In other news, sometimes people don't like those types of things as much as other people and that's okay too. My husband only half read our pre-marriage counseling book and let me tell you, my attitude was nasty about that and I'm surprised he didn't leave me at the altar! haha But we turned out alright. Even if he didn't read the nice book about how to be loving ;) haha

    1. Aw I love that, Katie. It's so, so true and very frustrating. Makes it hard to remember all the teachings :)

  4. Wow that's really disappointing that you didn't get your interview. Regardless of your political affiliation it still would have been nice to be able to report about it in your paper. I also can't believe that they gave you a rough time about the press passes. Lame!

    1. Agreed. I would identify myself as a republican but I don't always vote that way. It was so frustrating!

  5. My friend went to a Jason Mraz concert in Ohio this week. :)

    I totally thought I followed your blog last week. Realized I didn't. Just catching up on what you've been writing.

  6. I'm always annoyed at shaving my legs--but I don't think I'll ever boycott it. The things pride makes us suffer through... :P


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