Blog angel review

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I can't believe October is over already. It's gone so fast it's almost scary. That means I have a month left of class (and a week of exams in December), a month until my big 2-1, very little time to save for some Christmas gifts and the clock is winding down for lots of wedding planning.
Anyway, as October comes to a close, so does my being an angel, blog angel that is. So, here's my blog angel review!
1. How has your relationship with your blogger and Blog Angel developed since the reveal?
I feel really confidently that I will be a follower of Alyx's blog and a loyal reader for a long, long time. She is hilarious and so sweet and it's so awesome to watch her start her journey as a mom (which she will be awesome at). And Kendra has been nothing short of amazing, either! She put together this awesome presentation about how she thinks I could improve my blog, which I am totally gonna start working on when I get a second to breathe from school.

2. How have your helped them out and what help have you received?
When I first got assigned Alyx, I was so nervous. She's a "big blogger" in my eyes, so I really didn't have much advice or many followers to offer her. However, I did my best, commented all the time, linked up, told my followers to check her out and tweeted her links when I could. I hope I made some impact, even if it was a small one. And as I mentioned, Kendra gave me some really awesome pointers that I really believe my blog will benefit from. She was really, really helpful, and I'm so glad I wasn't orphaned by my angel!

3. What have you learnt about your blogger since the reveal?
She's still as sweet as ever and even more hilarious. I mean her vlog revealing she's pregnant made me laugh and giggle and jump up and down and really just want to give her a hug...or a taco.

4. What plans have you to stay in touch in the future?
Like I said, I've become a loyal follower and know I've made another blog friend. If you haven't been over to her site, do yourself a favor and head over there. You really won't regret it.


  1. Love putting a voice to the face! And you are too sweet, seriously. I'm about to freakin' cry (I tell you what, pregnancy hormones are the wackiest thing ever). And now I'm going to leave so that you can't hear my sniffles.

  2. Awww don't cry! *virtual hug* cuz if you cry, I'll cry then we'll have an emotional blogger hot mess.


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