Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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It's cold in Ohio now. Like, actually freezing. Last night it was 29 degrees. Geez.
I love fall, but it's really going too fast for me.
As one of my many fall activities, I painted pumpkins with my beautiful friend Lauren. We've been friends since preschool and we love getting together. My pumpkin is painted for my sister and her volleyball team who just won their conference championship Monday night.
On the bright side, my fall wardrobe is in full swing! My fall clothes are a million times more comfortable and considering I'm always cold, layering is my best friend.
I'm not the most stylish person in blog land, so you won't be getting any OOTD posts from me, but I will tell you what I've been wearing.
1. Jeggings
-I've always been anti-leggings-as-pants, but I tried a pair on at Maurices (my favorite store) because they didn't look like leggings. They are so comfortable that I'm considering buying another pair!
2. Cardigans
-Even before entering blog world I've loved cardigans. I love how easy it is to wear a solid cardigan with a cute scarf and still be warm and comfy.
3. TOMS/boots
-You all know how much I love my TOMS, so obviously those are paired with my new jeggings often. I also have a pair of gray and brown boots that I call my pirate boots because they're not knee-length, but a little bit over the ankle, like a pirate's.

The funny thing is, I was wearing all of these things in the picture above. My jeggings, a cardigan and scarf and my TOMS!
So there's about as fashion-y as you'll hear me get. I hope all of you (cuz I know lots of you are in the South!) get to bundle up and wear warm, comfy clothes like me :)


  1. Maurices=best.store.ever. I'm pretty sure over half my wardrobe is from there.

    We haven't been able to really bundle up down here [Texas] yet, but I have managed to wear a couple cardigans the past couple weeks. Totally a win.

    Yay for pirate boots!

    1. I could not agree with you more! I hope you get some cool weather soon :)

  2. hooooraaaaaaay warm comfy weather!

  3. Cardigans are my fave! I love fall and winter clothes, so much more comfortable and make me feel so much more comfortable with myself!

    1. Ugh I agree. I am not one to strut around in a bikini so I am thrilled for my cardigan weather to be here!

  4. I WANT COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    1. Come visit me in Ohio! Haha you'd love it.


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