Frankly Friday v9: that girl

Friday, November 30, 2012

You guys are gonna hate me by the time my wedding rolls around. Between this post asking for ring advice and yesterday's post asking for fashion advice, I am convinced I'm hopeless and also very, very thankful I have an awesome group of friends to turn to! 
But, again, another question. In regards to the tights from yesterday: I think I'm convinced I need a pair, but I have no idea what color to buy. I know, I'm hopeless. Ugh. HELP!
Carrying on...
There's one in every crowd.
I'm talking about that person in class who has a comment about every. dang. thing. the professor says. A story, a comment, a totally random has-nothing-to-do-with-what-we're-talking-about thought.
This girl in my psych class has honestly challenged me so, so much. She makes class hard for me because I get angry when she talks. Ridiculous, right? It's more than that though. It's the way she dress, the way she makes her voice all squeaky to talk to the whole class, how she sits in the middle of the front row but leaves three times every class period, that she cries when we're talking about something not even remotely emotional just for attention, the way she pops her freaking gum all class.
See where I'm going with this? She drives me nuts, and pretty much everyone else in the class including our professor feels the same way. I'm a pretty judgemental person which is something I've been working on for a long, long time. This situation has made it much harder for me to control that.
Frankly, I love my psychology class. It's intriguing and personal, but I hate going to class because of this girl. I haven't skipped the class all semester, but let me say I felt much more comfortable when she decided to skip.
Like I said, it's required effort to handle this situation. Physically and mentally. My muscles tense and my heart races when she starts one of her tangents. My mind wanders and I no longer can focus on the material. It's really hard for me to deal with this girl I hardly know. I have never once felt like this around someone before. I haven't mentioned these feelings to anyone else, but I feel like I'm dealing with them the best I can by just keeping my mouth shut and venting (vaguely) to you all. Thanks for listening, by the way.
Thankfully, we have two more classes until we are done for the semester. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.


  1. yuck. I've had people like that in my classes. hard not to hate, but then you feel guilty for getting annoyed.

    also... 100????? woohoo!

    1. I feel totally guilty. Like, "it's not you, it's me" kinda guilt. And yes, 100! I'm pumped. But I'm waiting it out because I'm in like three giveaways right now lol

  2. I'm going to share a story. :)

    When I was in college I was a part of a Bible study and there was this girl who absolutely annoyed me and made it so that I didn't want to go. One night I was walking home across campus after study and I had a little talk with God. I said "God, if I'm to keep going to this Bible study you are going to have to change that girl!" Immediately I felt great conviction in my heart and heard God speak (not audibly) to me. He said "Why don't you ever ask me to change you?"

    YIKES! So I started praying that he would change me. And in doing that I began to see this girl the way God sees her. I was able to recognize that something deep inside her was broken and that's why she acted the way she did. The amazing thing is that over time we actually became really good friends. 12 years later... we are still friends.

    Now, I'm not saying you will become best friends with this girl haha. But maybe just start praying for her. Usually when some does things for attention there is a REASON behind it. Plus... it's hard to judge someone when you are praying for them haha.

    Two more classes! You can make it!!!

    1. I totally understand that story. It's exactly how I feel! I am definitely feeling the conviction, mainly because I knew as soon as I started thinking about the frustration that the problem was me and not her. Like, it's-not-you-it's-me-type situation.

  3. hahah.
    I am not laughing at you, not in the slightest, but at the situation.
    I remember in college there was ALWAYS that ONE PERSON that when you found out they were in your class, you groaned and quickly saw if you could switch your schedule.
    Girl, throw a shoe.
    HA i kid.
    Everytime she starts going on one of her ridiculous rants, pray. That is the only thing i can tell you to do...sometimes you won't have any relief, and other times, you will be able to calm down! Praise God we don't have to listen to those types of people every day all day!


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