The "glamorous" life of a journalist: why journalism is kind of a terrible career

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election time is over and things are pretty much back to normal. Whether you were happy or upset with the outcome, we are  moving on as a nation.
One thing I thought was awesome about the election was Twitter. If you were on Twitter at any point Tuesday evening you know that it was a flurry of activity both for and against the results.
But how cool is it that we have that outlet to express ourselves? How awesome is it that we can have conversations with anyone, sharing our ideas and feelings, in a matter of seconds?
I never planned on expressing my views, even via Twitter, but I got sucked in and did. I stand by my comments and all, but have been considering deleting them for the simple fact that I don't want anyone's opinion of me to change just because of my political views. I know my opinions didn't change of anyone who saw differently than I, but not everyone sees it that way.
On a brighter note, here's to no more commercials, phone calls, mailings or random campaign visits that essentially ruin consume my whole weekend. And you don't know the half of any of the aforementioned unless you live in Ohio. It's hell.
In my election day post, I gave you a little glimpse of my future career and I was a bit sarcastic when I called it glamorous. Now, there really isn't any good pictures to describe this, but here are a few reasons why journalism is kind of a terrible career.

1. No matter who you talk to, they hate you and the media as a whole.
-Even if I try to explain to someone that I'm unbiased when it comes to my writing, they never believe me.

2. Campaigns are a pain.
-For so many reasons. You find out two days in advance, have to scramble plans ans scrape people up to cover the event. Boo,
-Also, you may recall me talking about how the campus media gets snubbed and doesn't get credentials like the other media even if the event is on our campus. Rude.
-National media is like that popular girl from high school. They think they're better than you, more people like them and they yell at you if you're in their way. Really, really loudly.
-Security sweeps. Here's how an event works. Example: media set-up from 10-11 a.m.; security sweep from 11-1:30 p.m.; media allowed in from 1:30-2:30 p.m.; event doesn't actually start until 4 p.m.; figure another hour for talking to public after even from 5-6 p.m. and you probably have a two hour drive. Talk about spending your whole. freaking. day. at an event!

3. Pain.
-Media is always standing. Think about it: at events they're walking and talking to people, lugging backpacks and equipment half their body weight and during big events standing on platforms for hours on end. And if you haven't found that perfect pair of comfortable standing shoes, you're screwed I know from experience. And as I mentioned above, it's all day, not just a few hours.

4. You're never perfect.
-Whether it's grammar, sourcing or content, you're never gonna get it all right and someone is always gonna do it better.

5. Crazy hours.
-Fire in the middle of the night? Get up. Bus accident first thing in the morning? Get up. Event mid-afternoon? Still up. Meetings/events in the evening? Still up.
-Imagine that all in one day. It happens.

So there you have it, something for me to look forward to :)
But no matter how many cons, I still get to do awesome stuff like interview famous people and attend cool events like political rallies and the like. And one of my favorite parts: getting to know everyone's story, because every single person has one.


  1. as a journalism major myself, i can wholeheartedly agree with #4!!!! that frustrates me endlessly. it's like, who are YOU to tell me this piece isn't good enough?? right!

    1. I knew you would appreciate this post! That's probably my least favorite thing about journalism. Don't get me wrong, I can handle it, but it drives me nuts sometimes!

  2. love this. I was a journalism major too, although I haven't made it my career.

    Also, I've gone back and deleted tweets. In my world, working with students at a university, you kind of have to. If a student sees anything too personal or gets offended... yikes.

    1. I'm wondering if it will end up being mine as well (more on that tomorrow). I ended up deleting the majority of my tweets from that night. It might be just because I care too much about others think, but it just felt like the right thing.

  3. This was an interesting read! I do not think i could do journalism (even though i considered making it my major at one point - just b/c i love to write - but i really don't think the rest of it would be good for me! I had a job last year where i never sat down & I never did find those perfect shoes! Ha!

    1. I'm pretty shoes those shoes are very few and far between, unfortunately!


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