This is not a political post. Okay, maybe part of it is political.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

For those of you who are unaware: I am a journalism major. And during election season, journalists are very busy.
Especially if you live in the battleground capital of this lovely little swing state of Ohio.
For example, our campus has been visited not once, but twice by the Romney campaign. Once by Ann, the second time by Mitt and Paul Ryan. Pretty cool stuff. Now, being the editor of the campus newspaper means I get to do some behind the scenes, professional-style media work and attend these events, media credentials and all.
A few Romney campaign pictures for your viewing pleasure:
Cowboy Troy and Big and Rich, who are touring with Mitt Romney's campaign
Paul Ryan. Fact: he has beautiful eyes.
Mitt Romney himself. I love this picture cuz I feel like he was looking right at me. Win.
Romney's campaign rolled through our little campus and town last Sunday. Less than a week later on Friday evening Obama's campaign passed through a town just south of my hometown. I wouldn't normally go to this for the campus paper or anything, but I have a little side job I do for the local newspaper. I do contract videography really whenever they need me, and they needed me to go see the president, so I said, "Sure!" (Bridesmaids reference-please someone else laugh at that)
A few pictures from Obama's stop:
No one exciting spoke or performed before him. Boo. Definitely a different atmosphere.

This one is just funny to me. I wish he would have looked at me though!
Regardless of my political affiliation, I loved having the opportunity to see these two in action. I mean, who else gets to say they got to see Mitt Romney and Barack Obama each in one week, make videos for each event and have prime picture-taking spots?! Very few people, if I had to guess.
And as you know, it's election day. If you haven't already, take advantage of this wonderful privilege and vote for the man you believe will guide our country best.
I will be sitting on my behind for hours upon hours in the board of elections in our country relaying the tallies to the Associated Press. I'm what they call a 'stringer,' as in they call me up for each election season and ask me to call them with results every 30 minutes and pay me to do so. Another win.
I am just about all politicked out, though!
Like I said, this post isn't political. I won't push my views, express my thoughts on either rally (unless you do care, in which case we can talk about this on an email basis, haha). Why? Because my candidate of choice will not influence your vote, it will only influence your opinion of me, which I hope would not change because of my vote. I just wanted to give you a glimpse of the glamorous (HA!) life of a journalist.
Enjoy your day, and God Bless this amazing country and all the privileges that come along with living in it!


  1. Replies
    1. Haha thank you Abbey, for your continuous, love, support and constant validation of my awesomeness :)

  2. This is probably the most well-written post I will read about politics today. Facebook and Twitter will be slammed with rants and whining.

    1. Thank you, Robin. That means a lot to me. I tell myself during the debates/around election time I'm going to boycott all social networks, but it's too hilarious to me to avoid.

  3. super jealous that you got to see them both in real life. both men are smart and deserve our respect, no matter the outcome.

    1. I agree! And it was probably two of the most awesome moments in my journalism career thus far.

  4. wait? what? ohio has been in the political news? why? totally kidding!! i am very aware of this presidential campaign. that is cool you had so many people visit your campus. i like cowboy troy and big and rich

    1. I'd never heard of Cowboy Troy before he came here but he was really good! And yes, it was very cool. Needless to say most of our campus turned out for both events!


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