Baby Bane

Monday, December 24, 2012

Nope, not the name of an actual baby, but my sister's new puppy!
As I mentioned yesterday, there is a reason for my blog absence last week and it's all because of this little furbaby.
Meet Bane:

Adorable, right? His mom is some type of terrier with German Shepard markings and his dad is either my dog Trigger, Trigger's brother Burton or our friend's Rottweiler. None of our boy dogs are fixed joke's on us so it was pretty inevitable. We never fixed them because they're never around girl dogs until our friend Jason just had to get a little girl. In any case, whomever the mother and father, they made cute puppies.

Isn't my sister gorgeous? Even in sweats and leggings she is pretty. Makes me sick lol

Seeing himself in the mirror for the first time.

Obviously, this is not Bane. This is my sister's cat, McDreamy yes, from Grey's Anatomy. He was not thrilled about the addition to the little family, but he's getting used to the puppy finally!
Merr got him last Friday, but had to go back to where she lives for school for a few days this week for work. We decided to keep Bane at our house so I could work on getting him trained without him dealing with a move right now. Eventually he will be living with Merr at school.
Unfortunately, little Bane has a mixed up sleep schedule. He sleeps two, three if I'm lucky, hours at a time then wants outside and to play. He's had a dozen or so accidents, but he lived in, peed in, pooped in and ate in one big crate for the first eight weeks of his life so he certainly doesn't know better.
Between Tuesday and Thursday I got seven hours of sleep. Uhhhh, that's a problem.
Needless to say I'm glad Merr is home for a week, but I will miss her and the puppy when they leave.


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