Sunday confessions v5

Sunday, December 2, 2012

1. This week is gonna be a good one! Here's why:
-last week of classes (two of the five are already done)
-my birthday!
-engagement pictures
-birthday festivities
-finishing all my big projects
-birthday cake
-oh, and more birthday stuff :)

2. I am fighting exhaustion like you wouldn't believe this week. Thanksgiving was a tease and totally screwed up my sleep schedule
3. I have had so much on my find about the future lately that I've forgotten to slow down and be grateful for what I have now. Deep breaths.

4. Know how I mentioned my addiction that I forgot my phone in this post? I did it again last night. Left it at a friend's house overnight. I suck. And it was just as miserable as the first time. Let's hope this isn't a pattern.

5. One of my best friend's got engaged last night and I was finally in on the secret! More to come on this later. 

6. Bought all my Christmas presents this week! I am so excited cuz I found some good ones this year, but my credit card is not so excited. S#%^!
7. This happened Friday:

I hate my life sometimes. Thankfully there have been no mouse-related incidents in the last 48 hours *knocks on wood*
Short and sweet today! Have a good one.


  1. Hang on and you will have your break soon. Sounds like you have some amazing stuff to look forward to.

  2. AHHH I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOUR ENGAGEMENT PICTURES!! Okay, sorry, I'm just so excited. I love looking at pictures of people. Now that I sound like a total creep, let's move on...

    Ugh... mice. Send some my way to take to the office! EEK!

    Thanks for linking up, Genna! sorry I haven't visited lately!

    1. Eeeeee me too! They're gonna be amazing, I just know it. And I know you're busy so seriously don't worry :)

  3. I really, REALLY shouldn't laugh at the cat posts...but man they are hilarious aren't they?! They have such personalities and i swear they are constantly trying to find a way to torture us...mostly with love....but in your case that day, mice! yummm.

    1. Oh my gosh yes. It was NOT funny at the time, but looking back on it I have to laugh!


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