Back to school, back to school

Saturday, January 5, 2013

It's that time again. My break has been, in a word, heavenly. I relaxed, spent lots of time with family and friends, cuddled with Trig for hours and feel refreshed.
But all good things must come to an end. That end came really abruptly when my professors began emailing me Christmas day about what books we needed for classes. Not cool, guys.
My sentiments about going back to school/buying textbooks via
Books are the worst. I'm not sure where these publishing companies/bookstores get off thinking they can nickel and dime poor college students, but they do.
Needless to say I was starting to imagine my bank account dwindling, until I heard about Campus Book Rentals. It was like the pearly gates opening before me as a choir of angels sang!
Maybe that's a little extreme, but here's an example: this cultural anthropology book was listed for $115 at our campus bookstore. Ridiculous. CBR saves between 40 to 90 percent off bookstore prices making renting a no-brainer for me. Did I mention they ship the books to you free and let you return them for free. Perfect.
One of my big things is really using the book. Highlighting, dog-earring, etc. CBR allows you to use your book to its full potential and doesn't fine you.
My other problem with buying from bookstores is reselling is so difficult. You never get a fair price, you have to find a place or another student who needs it. And with new editions coming out everyday, books are obsolete about as quickly as my old MacBook became obsolete! With Campus Book Rentals, I won't have that problem therefore eliminating unnecessary end-of-the-semester stress.
Need more convincing? I didn't think so. But I'm going to tell you probably my favorite part of this company: with every book rented, money is donated to Operation Smile.
If you're a student, look no further than CBR. If you're not, find a college student, tell them to drop the books and run out of the bookstore as fast as they can!


  1. Mike was going to rent some of his books from here, but the ones he needed for the majority of his classes are university specific. Pretty freakin lame if you ask me.

    1. One of my psych classes has a university specific book. Already hate that class and it hasn't even started lol


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