Balancing act

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


My life is a constant limbo right now. Between school, work (editing the school newspaper) and planning a wedding, I feel like everything else comes to a complete halt during the school year.
This weekend I was homework free and had time on my hands. What to do, what to do? Well I did nothing. I debated reading a new book, but I didn't want to be forced to quit halfway because I got to busy with school stuff. I've also been itching to sew something but don't wanna drop a project because I get too stressed.
Add to that a social life. I feel like I've been neglecting one-on-one time with Cameron a ton lately. I don't see him everyday, but the days I did see him this week I spent my time working. I've spent one evening in the last three weekends with my friends. Socializing isn't my priority right now I guess.
I've never been good at balancing things, I just end up procrastinating one thing or anything.
Things aren't going bad, just feeling strange. I need to find a little direction and motivation. Baby steps, right?

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  1. You're definitely being forced to learn time-management.
    I found it easiest to write down my schedule/life in my day planner. And when i had an open night i would spend it one of three ways: with others, with myself, or doing something that needed to get done.

    1. I try to write down everything but sometimes I just have to drop what I'm doing to focus on something else so my planner stays empty. Sigh...I will find a balance eventually!


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