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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Recently Roached
Thursday already? Thank goodness. T-minus two classes until I'm free for spring break for a week!
Guess what?! This girl got a j-o-b! Nothing professional, but I was seriously at my wit (and wallet)'s end praying for help something. And out of the blue, a call about a job. God works in awesome ways!
The fact that the weather here has been so bipolar this week is bringing me down. Sunny and mid-40s Monday and Tuesday (woo!), then crappy and rainy Wednesday, now snowy. Pick a season, Mother Nature!
This site guided me through my first detox bath last night. Holy. Cow. It was amazing. I felt like I'd spent hours working out afterward. I only used the salt, baking soda and garlic cuz I was too lazy to find any oils, but it may have helped the smell, which was too strong. I would recommend eucalyptus, to help open the breathing passages more. I was sweaty, my heart was racing, but I felt truly clean. Highly recommend, but drink LOTS of water. I was dehydrated before, but the more hydrated you are the more you'll sweat, which rids you of the toxins. That bath was seriously amazing.
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  1. I will definitely be trying that detox bath!! So lots of sweating eh? How weird was it and did you do the full 40 minutes? I'm sure curious!
    YAY on the job! That is awesome...and our weather here has been insane too!

    1. I couldn't go all 40. I just did over 20 and I was going nuts. Drink water during it, too. The sweating was so strange because the water was so hot and I didn't put my face under at all, but my face was soaked with sweat! So weird.

  2. congrats on the job, that's fantastic! I miss baths soooooo much. I can't take them here in Asia and I dream about the first one I'm going to have when I'm back in America for the summer. My body (inside and out!) is pretty nasty here so maybe I will try a detox bath. I hadn't heard of them until this post!

    1. I actually don't have a working bathtub at my house so if I want one I have to take it at my bf's, which is really weird if his parents are home. So I'd been planning for a while that if they were out for an evening I'd take advantage of their tub, and I totally did lol! They are soooo refreshing, and kinda hard work, but it's worth it.


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