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Monday, May 20, 2013

Blogging last week: huge fail. Strep throat struck early in the week and I was down for the count until midday yesterday when I finally started to feel human again. It hit and it hit hard, or as Kid President says, "It hurt, man!" That little guy is my favorite. Of course I got strep the week I was finally scheduled a solid (30) amount of hours. This week I'm back to my usual 18ish, which is fine cuz I need some more recovery time.
Anyway, onto the wedding recap I promised a while ago along with my commentary of the weekend. This may get a little rambly, so bear with me.
I know I already shared this, but we look good so it seemed appropriate.
Let's start from the beginning. You will notice there is an extra groomsman, This was because one of the bridesmaids (groom's brother's (best man) girlfriend) ruined Jess' bachelorette party the weekend before by telling the best man who was hosting the joint bachelorette/bachelor cook-out, that she was being left out by the girls. Mature, right? Anyway, the best man started calling me and one of the other bridesmaids out, called us some not-so-appropriate names and told us to leave, so we did to try and avoid ruining the guys' night. Jess left with us because she knew we'd done nothing wrong and the other girl was just being a b.
Basically, all the bridesmaids but the girl I mentioned have known each other since middle school. We have been best friends for 10+ years, and we were spending some time looking through old pictures and reminiscing and she was being a big baby.
So she ruined the night and was promptly kicked out of the wedding, making the bridal party count uneven and things a little awkward between the best man and everyone else. For the record, Jess had been regretting asking this girl to be in the wedding for a while, this was just the straw that broke the camel's back.
Fast forward to wedding weekend...

These two are two of my favorite people in the world. He is Cam's cousin, she has been one of my best friends for 10 years. Them getting together? Perfect (also totally thanks to yours truly). They're super laid back, which was pretty much the reason their wedding was so informal. It fit them to a tee.
The planning and organization was also super laid back, causing some issues. Their reception site was difficult to deal with, we didn't have nearly enough set up the night before causing some scrambling the day of. I said to one of the other bridesmaids who is also in my wedding that mine is already more set up than theirs was and mine is 8+ months away, which is true and not meant to be offensive in any way, it's just how I am.
Oh and did I mention these two lovely people are going on our honeymoon with us? Some people would think we're crazy for wanting friends with us on our honeymoon, but I am fairly terrified of open water and since we're going on a cruise, I think having my best friend and husband at my side, will help me be a little more calm. Plus we'll have people to spend the days with doing all sorts of cool stuff!

You may recognize that pup. No, he is not my little Trigger, but Trigger's brother. He was an adorable ring bearer who walked not-so-patiently on a very tight choker chain down the aisle with Jess' little brother, the actual ring bearer. He really just wanted to jump on his mama. The ceremony itself went smoothly. The weather was colder than we expected, but it was short and sweet and went off without a hitch other than the forgotten programs we'd spent a week hand-cutting and putting together (I may be a little bitter).
Said programs also had all the reception information, which made things awkward when the guests were leaving the ceremony site and had no idea where to go. Oops.
My cowboy is the only one leaning sideways. Why he did that is beyond me.
These guys worked their behinds off roasting, slicing and saucing a whole 200 lb. hog Friday. At the reception we had their delicious handmade pulled pork sandwiches and pasta salad and cheesy potatoes that us girls worked on the days before.
The reception went well other than low attendance, which clearly had the couple down. Total bummer. Less than half of what they were expecting actually showed. Way too much food, way too many empty tables.
But, we had a fantastic time dancing and hanging out with those closet to the couple. By 10 p.m. we were all dog tired and most everyone but family had left so we tore down, packed up and headed out.

Overall, it was a beautiful wedding and a perfect start to what is going to be an awesome marriage. It only makes me that much more anxious for mine, which is 271 days away, but who is counting?
Since I only work a few days this week, I'm doing some serious wedding planning since I'm in that mood. Setting up our hair/makeup appointments, booking the florist, booking flights and doing lots of the little stuff.
Weddings are exhausting, beautiful, crazy events. There is a perfectly good reason brides turn into bridezillas. I'm just thrilled I have so much time to plan so I don't go too crazy.
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  1. Holy moly, sounds like things got a little crazy there, but I'm glad it all worked out, and an obvious plus of too much food is leftovers!!! Om nom nom! So excited for it to be your turn soon... Ish! Lol

    1. It seriously can't come soon enough! The wedding was crazy, but like all weddings it came together in the end!

  2. All of these pictures are just wonderful! Looks like a great time. Also, 271 wooooohooo!

    1. It seems like it's going sooooo slow!

  3. Sounds like it was a blast! (minus mean girl and people not showing up)
    The pictures are fabulous and i can't believe yours is less than a year away!!


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