Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It feels like it's been forever. I've tried to blog a few times, and I will open up the post and then stop and think to myself, "Huh, I have nothing to write about." So I just cancel and continue on my way.
But since I'm posting I must have something to write about, right?! No, not quite. I just needed to share today.
Here's what has been going on:
I finished my first summer class last night. I have two papers left to do (one due Saturday and one due Sunday! This professor is evil, I tell you) and then I'm free for a few days until the next one starts on Tuesday. Boo.
I'm in full swing wedding mode. Post on that to come later this week if I can get it together.
I've been really bad about taking my medicine this summer. I am not a pill person or a person that does well with things that need done 2-3x everyday, so all my creams and solutions and pills have been totally neglected. Unfortunately I'm noticing the effects so I need to get back on the wagon!
I have been so lazy so far this summer. I stay up late doing nothing, wake up between 10-noon, walk to the couch, watch TV, make lunch, then go to work. And repeat. Pretty lame.
Following that one up, I've gotten little to no vitamin D, which is so unlike me since I've been a swimmer and lifeguard every summer since ever.
I've been working my behind off to pay off my credit card this summer. Yes, I only have one and yes, the limit was only $1000 but I was way too close to that mark for comfort. The goal is to pay it down to $100-$200 and let it sit to keep building credit.
Cam paid off my ring this week! Woo! Now his focus is saving to pay for the honeymoon and our flights and getting things lined up for our apartment.
In reference to all these things: growing up sucks.
But ya know what? I'm happy. I might be stressed, my anxiety might be getting out of control again and I might be a bit over my head, but I keep waking up everyday realizing that life is moving. I can't hold still and I can't sit and brood over what I can't control. So I'm moving too and declaring myself happy.
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  1. I am working very hard to pay off my credit card. I have 0% APR until November, so I have until then to pay it all. I finally hit below $2000 last week, and I just put another payment on it this week. Everything I earn at my second job goes towards it (after putting 20% pre-tax towards retirement and after paying my health insurance out of my pre-tax wages). It's hard because it's the card that covered me for six weeks in-between jobs, the card that paid for all my medical expenses last summer, and the card that paid for me to move from the South to the Midwest to be closer to my boyfriend. It received a LOT of damage during that time.

    1. I didn't work all of last semester so it covered me through a long time too. Credit cards are a pain, but they're good for credit as sometimes they're just necessary!

  2. Yay!!! I'm glad you blogged! Glad things are going okay for you. Sorry about summer classes, that totally does not sound like fun!
    And you're not alone on the vitamin d thing - I sooo need to get outside! I look like a friggin vampire.

    1. I am so white compared to my usual summer glow! At least you have a cute little reason to stay indoors :)


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