We're moving!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


That's right, we found a place to live!
Since last week, we've put money down to hold our apartment, bought chairs for our table, bought a couch and a loveseat and are currently searching for a TV stand. We've been busy, basically.
Oh and pinching every. single. penny. The real world isn't cheap and since neither of us have lived outside of our parents home (not including my summer internship or my freshmen year in the dorms) we're a little sticker shocked I think.
I'm not going to lie, I'm getting a little nervous. Cam will move in when the renovations to our apartment are done in mid-July or early August and I will join him after the wedding in February.
I really wish I could just move in with him now, but we're trying to keep his more traditional parents happy. If I had it my way, I'd be in there as soon as I could so we could work out the kinks of living together (aka him being a slob and me being OCD) prior to the wedding.
Money-wise, we were trying to stay living with our parents as long as possible to save, but a few things came up and he needed to find a place to live, so we went for it, got approved and the current tenants will move out June 30. After that, all the flooring is being replaced and brand new appliances will be put in (the whole complex is undergoing renovations as tenants move out) so we will basically live in a new apartment.
I think we're doing well in terms of buying other things. A lot of what we have was gifted to us from friends and family who moved and didn't need items anymore.
Other than that, wedding planning and class are keeping my life steadily occupied. We're ordering our save the dates this Friday (!) and will be sending them out in just under two months (I wanted to give myself lots of times to hand-address them all). So basically, we're growing up, money is tight and I'm trying not to go crazy while graduating, moving and getting married.
Wish me luck!
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  1. I remember when i was first out on my own...it really is shocking how much everything costs!
    Now, living on my own with my brother and a roommate and being in charge of ALL the bills....overwhelming sometimes!

    1. It's crazy! There should be a rule that you can't charge college students/young people just out on their own more than like $100 for anything lol

  2. Holly cow, isn't it crazy how expensive things are?!?! I remember I was even more shocked when we moved from renting to owning - more bills and more crap to deal with. Being an adult is not fun, I tell you!

    1. It IS! It's nuts. I figured owning would be better since you're paying about the same as renting, but there's so much more to do when you own. I'm fine with sticking with renting for a while lol and no, being an adult is certainly not all it's cracked up to be.

  3. Congrats! Moving is exciting. Too bad it is so expensive though. Boo.


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