Wedding recap #2

Friday, October 18, 2013

Alright so it's been almost a month since the wedding, but gimme a break. School and work and my internship and the newspaper have been kicking my ass, for lack of a better term. Everyday I come home exhausted and Cam and I are still adjusting to our new apartment. Did I mention he got a new job? No? Well, another post for another day.
Anyway, Taylor's wedding day was beautiful and SO much fun.
I had the pleasure of taking pictures of her getting her hair done since her photographer didn't start until the church.
For the last wedding we were in, Jessica got Taylor and I these adorable button-up shirts to get our hair done in for our weddings!
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Love B&W portraits sooo much. I joked with her that this was the point where she started looking like she was gonna throw up (aka it started sinking in that she would be married in a few hours)

The lighting in the salon was sooo frustrating. They have these gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows and super tall ceilings, but some of the windows have their shades drawn and some were open so everytime I took a picture the lighting changed. Irritating.
Probably one of my favorites from the day. I didn't have her pose at all until the end so they're all candids.

This picture I was SO proud of. I have a problem with being creative and I usually just copy what I've seen previously. I've never seen this before, though I'm sure it's been done, and I loved the outcome, both in color and black and white!

Isn't she gorgeous? And that's before make up! Au natural, and absolutely stunning.
That's all for today, I'll try to do some more recapping this weekend.
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