This week

Monday, November 18, 2013

What to say about this week? This week is my second to last week of my college career and there is far too much to do.
This week I submit and present my senior capstone project.
This week I really need to get started on my final projects for my other classes.
This week is sort of starting to feel like I'm staring into a black hole of work.

I am so grateful that next week I will have the majority of the week off school and work to enjoy time with my family. With everything going on right now it is so hard to see that little light at the end of the tunnel, but I know it is there! And after Thanksgiving, I have one week of classes and the following week is exams. My college career is coming to an end right before my eyes but I don't even have time to think let alone cherish these last few classes.
I am submitting my senior project for grading in a few hours. After submission, we present the projects in front of the staff of the communication department, who then decides whether we are worthy of earning the degree we have been working toward.
Just a little bit intimidating. 
I have two final exams and two final projects coming up. One due on my birthday (not cool), the rest due the week of exams. It is blowing my mind that this semester is coming to a close. I have been so busy between working 20 hours in the carryout, working 12-16 hours at my internship, doing my project and my 14 hour class load. I have not had time to enjoy, well, anything for the past 14 weeks, and quite honestly I am ready for it to be over so I can breathe again.
I haven't read a book (that wasn't for class) or watched any Netflix at all this semester, simply because I knew they'd be distractions. And boy do I miss it. I love reading or watching shows or movies because it transports me out of the stress of life for just a little while. I use them as stress relievers, but honestly they become addictions after a while.

Things I'm excited for:
being done with this project
hopefully passing and being able to get my degree
having time to read again
starting a few new series on Netflix
my birthday
not feeling like the weight of the world (this project) is on my shoulders
treating myself to a massage or something when this is all over
being able to pick up more hours at work (more class work=less time at my paying job=living paycheck to paycheck)
blogging more :)
maybe some career opportunities on the horizon? I'll be blogging about that soon...

I know, long post and no pictures, how lame. I just wanted to update you all on my life and the current state of my brain (mush). If you think about it, send some positive thoughts my way for the next few days. I could use them as I finalize and present this monster project!

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  1. girl you are b-u-s-y!! but it sounds like you've been managing your time wisely! (seriously no fun reading or Netflix?! kudos to you!!!)
    take a deep breath - and honestly this will all be over before you know it. I remember my last two weeks of college...INSANE. ;)
    also Netflix suggestion - beauty and the best tv series UH-MAZING!

    1. It's been crazy lately! But with the holidays right around the corner I doubt it's gonna slow down at all lol and believe it or not I have a list on my phone of the series I wanna start (so lame, I know) and Beauty and the Beast is already on there!


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