You Matte, bro?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I'm totes matte.
Are you an Influenster? If not, get to it! Long story short, companies need reviews and opinions on their products, so they use Influenster to get those.
In my most recent VoxBox, I received the Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation to review and I felt pretty cool because it hasn't even hit the shelves yet!
I love the packaging of this foundation. First of all, the bottle is matte. How perfect, right? The filter makes it look a little orange, but it's the "light ivory" to match your skin tone.
You know how they always tell you to only use a pea-sized amount? Never works, except this time! This little dot actually covered my whole face! Mind. blown.
Okay, be prepared for this next picture, it involves half my face totally makeup-less.
Sorry for the mean mug, I was busy messing with my phone to try to make the light not suck. Anyway, the right side of the pictures is the matte foundation, the left is totally natural. There's less shine and some awesome coverage!
Here's a few different pictures in different lighting so you can see the effects.
Sorry for the awful mirror picture. This is in my car, trying to get the natural light. The matte looks perfect in this and you can see that it is great coverage, especially all the scarring I have on my cheeks.

Another picture from the car, natural light

Oh, fluorescent lighting. How I loathe thee. Still very little shine though!
Overall, I was extremely impressed with this product. It was probably my favorite that I've ever received from Influenster and I think I will give it a try when it's available in stores one shade darker!
*Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from Influenster from Rimmel London for testing purposes

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