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Monday, January 6, 2014

Life lately
Bridal shenanigans
Planning a bachelorette party, having a bridal shower, planning like crazy!
This is all as delicious as it looks. Homemade caramel corn, about a dozen different homemade finger sandwiches, homemade champagne cupcakes (NOM), make your own fruit pizza, adorable veggies (for real, have you seen a cuter way to set out veggies at a party?!)

The BEAUTIFUL people that made it happen (minus my youngest sister who had to leave early to cheer at a basketball game)...and my adorable dog

Full-time in the carryout at the restaurant, part-time at the newspaper (hopefully full sooner rather than later)

It is basically a full time job to keep our apartment clean. Between a yellow lab who sheds like it's his job and my fiance who, quite frankly, defines "overgrown man child," it's more than a chore. Who knew 900 square feet would be so much to take care of? After cleaning my parents' house for most of high school and college, I figured this would be no problem. It wasn't a big deal at first, but now that I'm used to it I think I'm just getting lazy.
A picture of Trigger. Because what post is complete withot him?
More so than planning a wedding, Cam and I are planning a marriage and our life together. It's a big pill to swallow and there's a lot to talk about. How will we handle conflict? How will we discipline our children? Will we have children? How will we split holidays between our families? It's a lot.

Not drugs or anything, with myself. As I've referenced in my past few posts, depression has reared his ugly head again which is flaring my anxiety. It's been really, really tough lately. I'm in that phase where every little bit of negativity sets off a huge breakdown (crying, screaming, etc.) and I can barely, and I really mean barely, get myself out of bed to go to work, let alone the store or to run errands or anything.
And with all the meetings and little stuff I'm doing for the wedding, it's complicating things.

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  1. <3 love the decorations from the shower - and your outfit! so cute!
    praying for you with your anxiety & depressions struggles.
    have you ever gone to/thought of counseling. I know with my personal struggles with anxiety it has helped leaps!
    <3 hugs dear friend, you are being covered in prayer.

    1. The shower was AHHHmazing! And I appreciate the prayers. I've been in counseling for years, just not making any progress yet. I really, really need them and am SO grateful for your prayer/friendship.

  2. such a cute bridal shower! lucky lady! :) how fun

    1. It was amazing! My family did a great job :)


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