Honeymoon Wrap-Up 2: Cozumel

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Day 1: Grand Cayman Day 3: Belize Day 4: Mahogany Bay
Cozumel tied for my favorite stop. It was sunny and a beautiful mid-80 that day a hell of a lot better than single-digit Ohio.
Instead of a Carnival excursion, we decided just to get off the boat and find somewhere to do. For all you first time (or no time) cruisers, for each stop the cruise ship makes, the cruise line offers a bunch of different excursions you can book through them. They're pretty expensive but guaranteed.
This time around, we decided to chance it. We just wanted to find a beach and chill so we figured that wouldn't be too hard, and we were right!

Hola, Mexico!

Our van
We got off the boat at a pier this time. We walked right into the Carnival port where they rent shop space to local vendors. Right outside the shop space is a bunch of local van companies you can hire. We found a van, found a beach we could snorkel at and forked out the $25 a person. Such a good deal! We had the van for 4 hours and he'd take us wherever we liked. The nice thing was our van driver, Obed, was a local so he knew where the good beaches, shopping, etc. were.
Obed took us to an incredible little resort, called Club Cozumel Caribe. If you ever get to Cozumel, go here. Seriously. It was paradise!
Obed, our van driver/tour guide

Included in our $25 per person was snorkel gear, so that was pretty much our first stop. You walked down the beach a little ways (maybe 100 yards?) to the window to get the gear, then jumped right in off the pier by the window. The current was a little strong, but it took you right back down the beach to where the chairs were. Pretty convenient, actually!

The guys found a whole bunch of awesome conch shells while snorkeling 
The view from our chairs. Stunning. 

The view from behind our seats. There was a building with a restaurant, bar, gift shop and an outdoor chlorine pool to rinse off in as well as outdoor showers.
All the seating area. We opted to sit in the sun so we were closer to the water 
The pool area
This particular part of Mexico is famous for their tequila. The resort had a little mini garden and we got to do a little tour.

The Blue Agave plants grow for 8-10 years, then produce the pineapple you see next to them. They cook them, juice them, then ferment the juice. Ta-da! Tequila!

We also got to do a genuine tequila tasting. Believe it or not, good tequila isn't supposed to burn like the tequila we have in America. This stuff actually has a good taste and doesn't burn at all! Still strong, but not burn.
Really though, it was paradise. Beautiful water, perfect temperatures, great company. And, it was cheap! A snorkel/beach excursion through carnival was three to four times more expensive.

Our boat (left) at the pier. It was nice not to have a take a ferry to get to shore

Cozumel was amazing. Unlike Grand Cayman, we didn't have a schedule so we got to experience more. It was heaven!
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  1. love love love!!!
    and your dress in the last picture = gorgeous!

    1. Thank you!! I bought a bunch of maxis when they went on sale last fall and then wore one a night for dinner/lounging around the ship.

  2. Love that dress! And this is making me REALLY want to go on a cruise! I need the beach in my life!

    1. Thanks girl!! And you need to. I didn't think I'd like it but it was SO fun and it was awesome to go on one vacation and see so many places with so little effort.


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