Honeymoon Wrap-Up 3: Belize

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Day 1: Grand Cayman Day 2: Cozumel Day 4: Mahogany Bay
What to say about Belize? It was my least favorite stop for a number of reasons.

Our ship from the ferry heading to land. You can see the ferries along side of the boat unloading people little by little
This was one of the places the boat couldn't get close to land. Unlike Cozumel where we literally pulled up to a pier, we had to take a ferry from the ship. It was about half an hour to the dock from where the cruise ship was anchored.
Some of the shops. You can see the big gates in the background. They were TALL (and for a good reason)
Since we spent way more than we expected in Grand Cayman, we opted out of excursions at all our other stops. Bad idea. Since Belize is a little more third world than the other tourist-y places like Grand Cayman and Cozumel, we were advised that, unless we had a tour or excursions, to stay within the gated market area right at the dock. 
And you didn't need to tell us twice. In the picture you can see the super tall gates. On the other side of the gates were beggars and shady guys telling saying, "Tours, tours! We will take you!"
Yeah, I bet you will. 
I'm sure there are plenty of nice people in Belize, but this wasn't like Cozumel where there were reliable-looking can services we could rent. This was sketchy.
The husband day care center at The Wet Lizard restaurant/bar we (wives included) stopped and snacked at before heading back to the boat
Something I learned was that unless you're going to a tourist-focused stop, oil an excursion through your cruise line. They're safe and guaranteed. We got off, walked around the market (which had cheap and crappy stuff) and then got back on the boat. Lame. Although it was sorta nice cuz there was no people hogging the pools or beach chairs since everyone was on shore :)
Probably the most "us" pictures of the trip. Me telling him to just hold on! I need to get my settings right! And him making faces at me cuz he doesn't wanna take a picture...ever.


  1. Ugh, I hated Belize! We got off the boat for maybe 45 minutes and got right back on. I wish we had booked an excursion, too!

    1. That's exactly what we did. It felt like such a waste! I'm definitely gonna pay more attention to the ports if we go on another.

  2. Good to know if I ever go on a cruise that stops in Belize! At least you got the ship to yourselves for a while!! :)

    1. Pretty much any place that isn't "touristy" or more developed I would do the same thing for! I'll plan a little better next time lol


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