Wedding shadow box DIY

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I'm not a super crafty person. My mom makes the coolest stuff and I just watch and fetch whatever supplies she needs.
Before the wedding I saw wedding keepsakes put in shadow boxes and I decided from the very beginning that's what I wanted to do with at least a few things. It took a little bit of planning, but here's how it all came to fruit.
Step 1: Plan what you want to save.
-I found a great, hand painted aisle runner on Certainly Chic on Etsy. The hand painted logo was perfect for framing! I decided that would be my background.
-I wanted to dry my bouquet and keep that as well. If you're gonna drop that much on flowers, keep em!
-My garter, which my aunt and grandma made for me, as well as my veil and headpiece. All three of these can be used again so I wanted them somewhere visible, but safe, in case they can be used again.
Step 2: Wait for a shadow box sale at Hobby Lobby.
-They come in lots of sizes, and I needed a big one (24x36 inches) to fit the logo from my aisle runner and those suckers can be expensive! They have 50% off frames and shadow boxes just about every other week, so take advantage of that.
Step 3: Pins, fishing wire and needles, also from Hobby Lobby.
-Do yourself a favor and download the Hobby Lobby app and use the coupon.
Step 4: Get to work planning and executing!
So here's what it looks like while laying things out. I cut the part off our aisle runner I wanted to keep then laid everything else around it. It came with corsage pins, so I used that around the edges to keep the runner in place.
The veil (and separate headpiece), bouquet with charms still attached and garter.
It's a little hard to see, but there's a silver script F in the background of the aisle runner I (terribly) outlined it so you could see it a little better.
From there, it's just a lot of little stuff. The board in the back of the shadow box is really stiff so I used needles to poke through since the pins weren't strong enough. I used floral pins in the flowers then tied fishing line around the base of the bouquet. I used the needle and got the fishing wire through the back of the board and tied it tightly so it didn't move when I set the board upright.
I pinned the veil through the comb part and then twisted the material so it would all fit nicely. I pinned again around the beading at the bottom of the veil. Same with the garter
Hint: I used bridal pins because they're dainty/show the least. Pinning works best if you go in at an angle and try to go into the board, not through it. The pins will get stuck in sideways and won't poke through the back.
Be sure to test everything before putting the glass back on. This way you can be sure everything is secure.

Here's an up close of the details. The head piece, which I just pinned over the comb of the veil. The bouquet, dried then tied tightly with fishing wire and pinned within the flowers (it's a little squished against the glass, but that's okay. If I had flattened it anymore it would've broken a lot). The garter, which I will tell ya more about later!
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  1. so fun and pretty! what a great way to store your keepsakes and remind you of your wedding day!!

    1. It was awesome and pretty easy, too! Highly recommend:)

  2. What an awesome idea, I love the way it turned out!

    1. Thanks! It was pretty easy and now everything is reusable, too! Not just collecting dust :)

  3. A nice piece of information you shared! It's a very easy and great way to store things. My cousin is getting married in few weeks at one of beautiful San Francisco wedding venues. Going to share this idea with him.


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